How To Name A Video Game Studio - And Hopefully Get It Right

Kotaku writes: "The decision to give something a name, whether that be your struggling rock band, your first dog, your only child, or your game development studio is no simple task. For better or worse, you might be stuck with it.

Names carry weight. They give a group of people and the products they create an identity. For companies like Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sega and others, those names are associated with memories, even if those words have little meaning."

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DeadlyDevil3062d ago

Picking the wrong name is insti-kill to make someone not check your product out. :/

Ziriux3062d ago

Not necessarily, Infinity Ward aint the best name I've seen but their a stellar developer.

SuperM3062d ago

Uhm i think Infinity Ward sounds very good.

mal_tez923062d ago

I think Infinity Ward is pretty cool. But the best ones are Insomniac, Epic Games, and Guerilla.

JoeyC3062d ago

Good article. To me Harmonix is the coolest studio name. I'm not really sure why, it just sounds cool to say lol

Ziriux3062d ago

I love a good funny name.

I think High Voltage sounds tight.

Funqy3062d ago

Interesting comment about Sega being a combo of 'service' and 'games' shortened. Simple, too. Interesting history behind Insomniac and HMX. Good read.

RedDeadLB3062d ago

Where do you get the ideas for these articles?

Anyways, Naughty Dog FTW

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