Fight With Your 360 Avatar

BeefJack writes: "From next Wednesday July 8th, your Xbox 360 avatar will be able to fight for you.

That's assuming you have the XBLA game Band of Bugs, and get the new mode that will be released for it called Spider Hunter, and you will also be able to use said Avatar in the single player mode, replacing main character Maal. The download will be free, which is always a bonus, and will let you cast fireballs and spells with your avatar."

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Gamer_Politics3304d ago

its good to see that MS are making more use of avatars...

SoulBrotha32923304d ago

Finally..EVry1 doubted MS..n theres more to the gay poses and the bad clothes for avatars..We can fight..cant wait 2 c whts next for these things Happy i got a 360

Trebius3304d ago

Wow, we can make avatars fight eachother.

Next we'll be able to give eachother Wops!

SpoonyRedMage3304d ago

Now all we need is the ability to import them to Gears...

FragMnTagM3304d ago

pretty damn funny to see a multiplayer match with all avatars chainsawing each other.

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dustgavin3304d ago

Nice to see Microsoft catching up to wii with avatars.