GameZone: Cars, Upgrades and Innovation with Forza 3's Dan Greenawalt

GameZone writes: "Is it possible to turn car lovers into gamers and gamers into car lovers? Dan Greenawalt hopes so. He's the director of Forza Motorsport 3 and he's banking its success on that very idea. "Really our goal is to connect people together. For that reason, simulation, community, all the great features included in this game [were designed] to bring people together. I'll be going into a lot of things, but you're going to hear me say one thing over and over again – car lovers into gamers and gamers into car lovers – because it's what drives my team to make the game we're making.'"

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-x.Red.x-3449d ago

I became a Car lover AND gamer with GT1,
as did millions of GT fans.

JOLLY13449d ago

Then some figured out that they wanted more from a game and they got Forza.