First Look at Vince Young in Madden NFL 08

Colts QB Peyton Manning, the face of the NFL, finally conquered the Patriots and won the Super Bowl last NFL season. Chargers reigning MVP Ladanian Tomlinson shattered the TD record. Broncos shutdown cornerback Champ Bailey made half of the football field disappear. But its second-young Tennessee Titans Vince Young that gets the nod to cover Madden NFL 08. Young -- a fantastic double-threat QB on the cusp of stardom -- took over behind center for the Titans and helped them go from 2-8 to 8-8 (they narrowly missed the playoffs). But going into his second season, he's far from the best player in the NFL, making him an odd choice for sports gaming's most prestigious -- and dangerous -- cover.

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kewlkat0074262d ago

I don't get it myself...Coming off a rookie year this guy makes the cover. Anyhow good for him, leave the Pats players off..

PS360PCROCKS4262d ago

ugh we meet again, lol j/k I'm sticking with that it should have been Manning though

SmokeyMcBear4262d ago

Wasn't MAnning the poster child of 2K football, one year, or some other defunct football game? That could be a reason he is not, EA is pissed of or something. But yeah, a Rook getting on the cover is a little much, I mean he did bring the titans back into playoff contention from nothing, and he singlehandedly destroyed USC, but still, a rook is just too much. Should have been Manning, Tomlinson, Brady, Brees, Someone else besides young, I had high hopes for him too.