Valve: PC version sells Left 4 Dead on Xbox 360

OXM UK: Valve has said that giving away free weekends on the PC version of Left 4 Dead increases the sales of the Xbox 360 version.

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shocky163450d ago

But if it works, it works.

ThanatosDMC3450d ago

Also, beyond me why they jacked up the price. The old L4D box was like $29.99 at Fry's then they had a box that says "with survival mode" for $39.99 both for the PC. People are so stupid to pay $10 extra for something free.

Now they only have GOTY edition which is selling for $39.99. I mean, who the hell cares for commentary on a game??

HarukoHex3450d ago

its actually for those people without Live. for the console. really no excuse for buying it on PC since you have to have net just to play the bloody thing. XD

Pandamobile3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Commentary was in the original L4D. This is just some stupid EA marketing crap.

Why would you buy a Valve game at a retailer anyway? Steam is cheaper and faster unless you have dial up or a slow DSL.

I remember back in February where there was a weekend sale for L4D on Steam for 1/2 price. Sales spiked 3000% and doubled the amount of people that played the game on its release day.

Eiffel3450d ago

That seems...logical.

mirroredderorrim3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Not weird, bro.

Think about it.. People who don't have the money on hand, but will soon, people who have the cash on hand and just want to try it out, seeing if it's worth a buy.

Otherwise, I am thinking many people would not bother, not AS many people would bother w/o free weekends.

peeps3450d ago

it's odd though cus if they can run the free trial then they can run the game... and the pc version is cheaper than the 360 version. i guess they could run the game on a low rig with low settings though, really enjoy it and want a better experience by getting the 360 version

Revvin3450d ago

I wasn't sure if I'd like L4D or if it was worth the money but then they ran a free weekend on Steam and I ordered it for the 360 that very weekend.

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The story is too old to be commented.