Valve: expect news about Team Fortress 2 on 360

OXM UK: Valve's Doug Lombardi confirmed that the company is still working on Team Fortress 2 content for Xbox 360 and will have "something to announce" before the end of the year.

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HQLocated1113372d ago

They said the same thing last year. I'll believe it when I see it.

The Xbox Empire3371d ago

Yea their probably just joking. Can't wait to hear the news for the PS3 version of Team Fortress 2.

-MD-3372d ago

Well if it's free like the L4D stuff cool I'll download it but if it costs anything I'll pass because I own the PC version too.

AntoineDcoolette3371d ago

I heard Valve wanted the OB update on 360 to be free but M$ wants to charge for it. I heard the same thing with Gears of War that JB wanted the map packs to be free for loyal fans but M$ charging away.

Pandamobile3371d ago

Yeah, Valve's always been pushing the free DLC mantra, so if it does turn out to be $10, blame Microsoft.

militant073372d ago

lol, Fuuck you valve.

alot people already moved on and we are still waiting for the content at the time its arrive people would be already moved on.

and its better to be free, im not buying for 1 yrs old content unless TF2 get crowded again.

and i hope they patch the game, there alot of people hacking !

v1c1ous3371d ago

when i go into a room and i jump and i suddely start floating

I did not murder him3371d ago

LOL remember not to drink the salt water it can kill you.

II Necroplasm II3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

No that stuff is actually good for your bladder. ;)

xlx-russ_923371d ago

guess what, its too late!
plus TF2 on consoles sucked.if you are true Valve Fan get their games for PC.

Pandamobile3371d ago

Agreed. I really don't think there are "Valve fans" on the Xbox. I mean, it's probably just another game for them to play off and on. I really don't know what I would have played if it weren't for TF2 the last two years. I've spent so much time on Team Fortress 2 since September of 2007, I could probably navigate all of the maps blindfolded. Yes, all 26 or so of them.

-MD-3371d ago

I'm a Valve fan on xbox sup.

I prefer Left 4 Dead on consoles and Team Fortress 2 on pc sup.

sup sup sup.

Cheeseknight283371d ago

Lot of phantom disagrees floating around. Honestly, at this point they should just wait until all 9 classes have been patched and release it all at once, with all the maps they put in the PC version.

Then again, if you're still playing the 360 version of TF2 you need to do yourself a favor and go buy the PC version. It is infinitely better.

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The story is too old to be commented.