Tecmo Koei president says Xbox 360 is doing better in Japan

VG247: Kenji Matsubara, global President and CEO of Tecmo Koei Holdings, has said that despite a difficult start in Japan, Microsoft is doing better with Xbox 360 than it did with the original console.

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The Master Chief3454d ago

And the next Xbox will do even better!

MOAR Xbox plz!!!!! :D

xztence3454d ago

lol. that sounds like he wants MS to offer some $$$ :P

kissmeimgreek3454d ago

that could be true if they keep on trying to make a dent like they've been doing so far. MS brought their A game this gen.but lets see what happens by the end of this gen .

The Master Chief3453d ago

ha! How do I have 30 disagrees?

It seems some are upset seeing all the positive news and all the gaming news for XBox 360, while PS3...........we already know.

Too bad you can't stop the 360 train baby!!!

MOAR Xbox Plzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!! :D

cryymoar3453d ago

I don't mind the xbox, its just how Microsoft handles it.
They would rather hinder gaming just for the sake of owning the market and becoming a monopoly.

SaiyanFury3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

The 360 is doing better in Japan than it's predecessor. The support with JRPGs and a few other games is showing that. Unfortunately, beyond the basic JRPG support, the 360 is behind the PS3 simply because so many Japanese gamers identify with the PS brand. I don't talk about the Wii because it's a different audience. The Wii outsells both because if it's casual appeal. Of course it appeals to the people who love Nintendo franchises, but outside of them, it's all about the average person playing a game. Just something I've noticed.

Nemesis543453d ago

Even Japanese people know the PS3 is no comparison against the might of the American 360. 360 = atom bomb, ps3 = hiroshima.

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Counter_ACT3454d ago

Wow, well done with the misleading title.

SuperM3454d ago

yea, its not like its an achievement to do better then the original xbox concidering how poorly it did.

da720izcumin3454d ago

thas what I was thinking.

HarukoHex3454d ago

actually it is, the only reason the original xbox didn't sell well in japan was the lack of anything they liked. but with this one and the lower dev costs its like the ps2. im actually starting to see small devs make games, and the fact taht genki made a game on the system shows that.

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ShabzS3454d ago

well thats obvious ... keeping the original xbox in mind the 360 is doing pretty well there ... but keeping nintendo and sony in mind it isnt ... microsoft just need to take solace in the fact that they are doing way better than their previous cycle

MaximusPrime3454d ago

Xbox 360 is doing better by small fraction. The console itself is still struggling in Japan. I cant see how well the next xbox going to be. Maybe more or less a same as 360

OmarJA3454d ago

Agreed, even with the price cut & the JRPGs (which most of them are flops) they still struggle more every day...

M$ needs a better strategy.

All Time Greatness3454d ago

Nasim why are commenting and then replying to yourself with another account? You need a life.

militant073454d ago

when tales of vesperia released

PS3 fanboy: another flop JRPG on 360.

after around 6months.

Bandai Namco: offical confirmed ps3 port of tales of vesperia

PS3 fanboy: OMG, XBOX360 lost a "AAAA" title again and i cant wait for suprior version!

OmarJA3454d ago

@ All Time Greatness...

*Sigh* you would know that wouldn't you, since you do it all the time...

@ militant07...

I agree, the JRPGs on the 360 comes to the PS3 with superiour graphics & exclusive content.

All Time Greatness3454d ago

Nasim WTH are you talking about?

You aren't fooling anybody with your foolish ways and no not everybody else abuses N4G just because your a desperate fool.

militant073454d ago

so if ubisoft added a new level for HAZE campign it will longer be flop...?

darkequitus3454d ago

Give it a rest. I remember your PS3 domination rants. A new on every year. You even has the cheek to say I had no PS3 as Eric 100. I called you out and you ran.

XBL-USA: crimsonklax

OmarJA3454d ago

@ All Time Greatness...

You said something? LOL! sorry i added you to the ignore list...

@ militant07...

LOL! i don't know you tell me, BTW i thought MGS was a only a movie what happened now? LOL!

OmarJA3454d ago

You seem like a nice guy so I'll tell you a secret:

I'm not Nasim.

militant073454d ago

i dont think i called MGS4 a movie ,and its one of the best game i ever played.

not much excited for peace walker nor rising

LittleBigSackBoy3454d ago

@ all time greatness/ why dis / really duh / master chief

just stfu and chill

TheBand1t3454d ago

Congratulations. This entire strand of comments has lowered my IQ points by 20 and costed me 30 HP.

LittleBigSackBoy3454d ago (Edited 3454d ago )

woah, you really are a retard...if i was nasim would i have a totally different psn with 665 trophies?

edit: it seems it's back to the way it use to be, more xbox fanboys than sony fanboys...

TheDeadMetalhead3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

I forgot that everybody who says something that isn't pro-360 is automatically nasim, right? I guess that means I'm nasim too...NOT.

poG/why dis/i did not murder him/really duh/all time greatness >_>

ON TOPIC: The 360 isn't doing any better in Japan than it was before. It's still getting gangraped by the other systems. Yes, it's doing better than the original Xbox, but that's not saying much, no offense.

IdleLeeSiuLung3453d ago

Last week the 360 sold half of what PS3 sold so that is not bad, but I guess if the 360 sold bad then I guess twice the crap is still crap.

Jecht3453d ago

lmao, bubbles.

I got poisoned, so i'm losing HP over time. Do you have an Antidote I could use?

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peeps3454d ago

in all fairness we didn't need tecmo's president to tell us since anyone can look at sales figures and see it's doing better lol

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