Logitech G35 Headset Review (TAGS)

From That Aussie Game Site: "We all know we have been to that place, on your PC hooked up to your nice and loud surround sound playing some Call of Duty 4 or Counterstike and BAM! The Missus or the Parents are telling you to turn your bloody game down! You plead with them to no avail; you say things like "But I can't hear people when they are sneaking up." or "This game is all about the immersion." But they never listen; but they will one day but not now. So you have to go back to playing with your stereo headset getting frustrated. For those with this conundrum I may have found a solution and for everyone else who has no idea what I'm talking about I have one simple statment for you. If you like sound in your games read on."

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Pandamobile3453d ago

This'll be good for me. I've got a 7.2 surround sound setup for my PC (7 speakers and 2 subwoofer) and when it gets late and I have to put on headphones, it's just not the same experience. It's also kind of annoying having to go into my audio properties and switch it from 7.2 to 2 channels and then restart the applications I've got going that use surround sound (Windows Media Player, Ventrilo, etc)