Master Chief vs Samus

Check out this user created video recently uploaded onto, featuring Halo's Master Chief and Metroid's Samus. The video is pretty long and action packed, so keep your eyes peeled and brace yourself for a shamefully satisfying twist in the end. Someone should hire this guy and get him to work on some cutscenes.

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darktangent4262d ago

Man this vid is on point, nice skillz.

sajj3164262d ago

Although purists might not like the ending, I thought the whole package was well done. Honestly, I've never seen any cut scenes in current gaming this intense and so anti-climatic. Dev need to hire this guy ... could you say developers/publishers knocking at this guys door!!

fjtorres4262d ago

Cause Master Chief isn't the only Spartan out there.
Its common knowledge there are female Spartans still alive in the Halo-verse. That was probably Linda-058.

Kinda cute overall.
Makes the point that maypbe MS should buy Nintendo, after all. ;-)

Xeoset4262d ago

Master Chief, is a guy, who calls their daughter John?!

Anyway, that was an amazing vid, it'd be good to actually see MC Vs. Samus.

specialguest4262d ago

So you finally made your way from Ebaumsworld's forum to huh? hahahah.

Welcome new member. I wonder if your arch rival rand0m will join this site shortly. You'll have plenty of PS3 fanboys to debate against here.

DiLeCtioN4262d ago

i enjoyed that lil movie and i think that guy and his team should be picked up by a company

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The story is too old to be commented.