Metroid Prime Trilogy Collectors Edition Tin photo and bonus artwork

The Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Wii gets even sweeter. Check out additional images of the box art from the upcoming Metroid Prime Trilogy here. You can see more of the collector's tin, in addition to a newly announced pre-order bonus, a Metroid Prime Trilogy poster. There's also details of an included art booklet.

Details on the Metroid Prime Trilogy art booklet:
"Metroid Prime Trilogy comes with a Metroid art booklet. The art booklet contains 5 double sided panels printed with metallic ink on high quality premium gloss paper. The booklet contains development, sketch, and concept art accompanied by the history of Metroid and Samus. Unfolded, the total booklet length is just under 36 inches."

This is the first truly collector's edition game bundle from Nintendo for the Wii system. Don't miss out on the opportunity to score a few extra items. GameStop is even throwing in a t-shirt of Metroid Prime Trilogy as a pre-order incentive.

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DevastationEve3448d ago

Metroid Prime! Damn they were good games, the gameplay was a good mix of excellent exploration through detailed environments and penty of FPS action.

Metroid Prime felt so full of life, with lots of NPC creatures and so much to scan! I'll never forget this series!

swiftshot933448d ago

They're so damn good.I never thought retro could top my favorite Nintendo game (super metroid) but they really delivered. This is a day 1 purchase. I. CANT. WAIT.

The Great Melon3448d ago

Got to agree with you. Definitely buying this right when it comes out. There really isn't any other game to me that captured worlds so full of life, yet so desolate at the same time. I enjoy all the Metroid lore and hope the series continues strongly with Team Ninja.

Saaking3448d ago

I'm getting this whenever i get a Wii

FinalomegaS3448d ago

getting ready to buy this,

why did i get rid of my other prime games, well i prefer to have this over those :) 1 dvd to rule them all.

Shnazzyone3447d ago

Damn.. only 2 months to scrape 50 bucks together. I want that badass collectors tin. Plus the poster, artbook and t-shirt wouldn't be too bad either.

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