Tecmo Koei: Please Cut the Price of PS3

CEO of the newly-formed publisher Tecmo Koei, Kenji Matsubara, has said he "would welcome a price cut for PS3", and has made his request known to Sony in past meetings.

"Whenever I discuss this with Sony reps I always ask them: 'Please cut the price', but I don't have a clear view on Sony's situation," Matsubara told CVG during an interview.

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chasegamez23425d ago

lower the price of your game

sunil3425d ago

seriously... these game publishers charge $60 for a game ! and 6-7 games cover the cost of a console...

ppl buy 1 console every 6-7 years.... how many games does each gamer buy for the same period?

Mighty Healthy3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

Even the worst fanboys of both sides can 100 percent agree on this. Give this person some bubbles!.

STK0263425d ago

well, I'd say that some of their games can justify the hefty 70$CAD price tag. I know everyone would like it to be lower, but they need the money.

However, I still fail to see why I had to pay 70$ for the piece of crap that was DW6 and BladeStorm.

k jules3425d ago

I really don't get why multi-platform devs are making such a big deal about this. Many people already joined the nex gen with either a PS3 or a 360 (or both), but if the price of the PS3 is to high for some, that doesn't mean they won't buy another next gen machine (360). So it isn't hurting Tecmo, since they publish games for the 360 also. A PS3 pricedrop may result in higher software sales for PS3 titles, but 360 sales will go down with it, because of 360 owners buying PS3's for their exclusives. People still can buy Tecmo games if they want to at a small price (console, not game itself) so it isn't hurting the multiplatform devs.

in short: money making company's should shut up!

Lawliet3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I agree.. Games are costing like hell! Most don't even justify their costs!

IdleLeeSiuLung3425d ago

That is why I for the most part buy games on sale i.e. when they cost less than $40 in many cases less than $20.

There is probably only a handful of games I paid full price for close to release date. If you are conscientious of the console price you are also likely to be conscientious about the game/accessory cost as well.

Mighty Healthy3425d ago

"well, I'd say that some of their games can justify the hefty 70$CAD price tag. I know everyone would like it to be lower, but they need the money."
Definitely true. I just wish it was back to the 49.99 for newly released games.

ThanatosDMC3425d ago

Koei should really keep their game prices low... considering their games are only updates. (Dynasty Warriors series)

Tarasque3425d ago

C'mon Tecmo you know even if a price dropped you will not sell more games on the PS3. I mean look at the PS2 had a install base over 100 million and the best game sold could do is like 8 and half million that is terrible, sure it is good for the developer. But that is a bad turnover ratio from console:game's sold.

Blaze9293425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

That's the whole point and where Tecmo Koei is trying to get at; building a Playstation user base. It started with the acquisition of Koei. Now they are still trying to build and maintain a larger Playstaion base with Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and it's mainly the entire reason Quantum (aka Quantum Theory) is a PS3 exclusive. A price drop would just make things hella easier for them.

They already have that Xbox base. Focus now is on the PS3. To them, why bother releasing games on the platform if alot of people won't pick it up becuase they dont own a PS3? They want Sigma 2 and Quantum to be successful on the PS3 and no durr a price drop would make that easier.

Just look at it from thier view, it cost alot to make PS3 games compared to the 360, PS2, Wii and they don't want to just say "ok no ps3 games if no one will buy it." No that's not the case, thats why Activision started it and now Tecmo Koei is saying it, as far as "please" which is kind of pathetic for a publisher to be saying. They don't want to jump ship on the PS3 but if they must some probably will. Question now is who else is next to say this. Activision seems like they were the ones with the balls to come out and say it and now slowly more will come out and say the same thing.

Maybe even kind of similar to the Gamecube; all it took were a few big companies to jump ship from that system then everyone followed.

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Rifle-Man3425d ago

See? That's how you ask nicely – not like some people I know.

PirateThom3425d ago

Definitely. Temco Koei are even making exclusive PS3 games, but, like anyone, they want to sell to as many people as possible, but they're not making threats to achieve it.

sunil3425d ago

Activision - Street Thug
Tecmo - Honorable, Humble

GameGambits3425d ago

Game devs need to rethink how they make games to be honest. They should know if their title is going to be a AAA blockbuster with millions of sales or not right out of the gate. That in todays day and change is automatically decided by multiplayer component, because if it isn't a 50+ hour RPG, then most people rent it or borrow it.

If your game is 20 hours or less with no real replay value, then don't price it 60 bucks, price it 40. Games like Prototype, Dead Space(which I bought and love), and Fable 2 should've all been 40 dollar games honestly. It's just not appealing to this days market to drop 60 bucks on something you spend a few days on or less.

I sometimes buy games even I know won't be that long, but only because I don't want to wait the extra day or two for the video store to have it for rent. I bought inFAMOUS on that impulse and honestly if it hadn't had the Uncharted 2 MP beta, it probably would've been a rent for me.

The game devs need to not ask for console price cuts; especially considering it is meant to last me for 10 years. 400 bucks spread out over 10 years investment of entertainment is a S T E A L! Who knows the real year life cycle for 360 or Wii, because we've almost reached the cap on those systems. Expect 2010 or 2011 for bigger news from those two on their next console, but PS3 will just keep pushing itself till year 7 or 8 until they talk about PS4.

If devs want to earn more, and make us pay less, then digital downloads is the way they should go. They could charge us 40 and have the w hole 40 go to them if they released it on PSN or Live.

That's just me though, but if they want to keep asking for 60 bucks on Hannah Montana the movie the game, then I guess they see something there I don't.

ultimolu3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

I would imagine anyone would want a pricecut. My uncle is waiting on one to finally buy a PS3. But Sony will have to do it safely without losing more money.

bankai3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

exactly, they are still selling every console at a significant loss. they are much closer to bringing in a profit than they were this time last year though. so i will bet on a price cut either this coming spring or next fall.

ExgamerLegends23425d ago

KOEI: Please cut the price of the PS3

Sony: Well .... since you said please

Wait, what?

Myst3425d ago

lol that would be funny if that's how it would actually happen.

gumgum993423d ago

lol, oh noes! its the Koei mind trick!

OtherWhiteMeat3425d ago

Price cut is coming this fall. Everyone knows that. This is why PS3 sales are hurting a bit. People aren't buying because if they wait another month or two they will save a hundred bucks. Even Microsoft knows the PS3 price will drop. All three consoles should drop in price by Black Friday.

bankai3425d ago

not exactly, PS3s are still selling at a loss

Persistantthug3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

PS3 should be very close to breaking even now, and 4 months from now, PS3 will definitely be well under $400 to manufacture.

bankai3424d ago

yeah, they are still loosing a little over $40 per console and before now they were loosing much more. so i dont see them dropping the price till they are atleast making a little bit back of what they lost. thats why i dont see them dropping the price til atleast this coming spring.

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