CG.Biz Interview: Denki's David Thompson

On July 14th the Develop Conference opens its doors, and for the first time the event includes a special focus on casual gaming.

The Evolve series of events will focus on how to develop games for new platforms including mobile, iPhone and XBLA, new technologies such as Facebook and YouTube, and new markets like social and casual gaming.

One of the sessions on Evolve's packed schedule is titled 'A Game is a Game is a Game'. David Thomson, who has the rather unusual job title of Denki's 'number one fan' is to host the presentation, which looks over the worth of casual games and the criticsms they face when compared to traditional games.

For their second interview with Evolve speakers in the build up to the conference, sat down with Thomson to discuss Denki's innovative approach to game design, and its plans for the future.

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