Apparently something wrong with Fat Princess

A phonecall with a Sony employee confirmed that apparently there's something wrong with Fat Princess being delayed.

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Keith Olbermann3449d ago

this stinks. I want this game now.

El Botto3449d ago

Shiat, the game looks like the best RTS game of all time (AoE2) only with more options and cute characters and brutal tactics!

Haha day one for sure.

Milky3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

bullimia ?

locos853449d ago

Good. I like that they fixed the game before releasing it. I don't want anther Socom Confrontation on my hands.

heroicjanitor3449d ago

Fat people are moaning about the title? I bet it comes out and is called capture the princess.

Hellsvacancy3449d ago

Knowing that theres SO any people that want this game

I got an email about a month ago with a code 2 get in2 the Fat Princess beta (same goes for the Uncharted 2 beta) ive only played them both a few times um not sure y its not a case of "i dont like them" coz there both cool games its just - well dont know

If i get in2 any betas again ill think 2 myself next time and maybe not use the code just give it 2 sum deservin mofo sum1 wholl appreciate it a bit more

doctorstrange3449d ago

I'm a deserving mofo :). I missed the fat princess beta, really wished I'd got in, day 1 game for me

callahan093449d ago

I'd rather they discover the problem, postpone the game, fix it, and then release it than simply releasing a broken game.

orakga3449d ago

For consumers, obviously we don't like waiting.

But this is even worse news for the developer itself, because if they can't get this game out within the next month, it's going to get trampled all over by all the "AAA" titles coming out, starting with Uncharted 2 in September.

BTW, whoever called this an RTS up there.... games like these aren't really called RTS's. In fact, I don't think these types of games have a name yet. =D

rockleex3449d ago

Sounds like a pretty good name for this genre. I made it up. ^_^

FamilyGuy3449d ago

This is supposed to be one of those cheap, playstation store only titles and as such they're supposed to be quick to make and fun. An easy way to turn a profit because not much production cost in making them. But since time = money i'd say all the delays of this title are going to cost them a lot.

I can't imagine buying this game around the same time as Uncharted 2 being released, it's bad enough that Ninja Gaidan Sigma 2, bayonetta and Demon's Souls are all coming out in that time frame too so this game might end up really shooting itself in the foot.

I wish someone from the beta test could tell us of the problems that might be causing this, i know Close_Second was in the beta, he told me it wasn't that fun period though...

ThanatosDMC3448d ago

So... umm... can we have the beta again??? That outta keep me going.

RememberThe3573448d ago

But like callahan09 said, I'd rather them fix the problem, then launch it and patch it later.

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Erotic Sheep3449d ago

She wouldn't "fit" on the PSN.

Get it? Fit? Fat princess?



ultimolu3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

*pokes* o.o
Hopefully it's foxed though.

Foxgod3449d ago

They should release it on live, if the ps3 doesnt have the power to run this game.

TheTruth893449d ago

360 can't handle the original version of Pac-Man.... what you think will happen if you run Fat Princess??

I'll tell you this little secret.....


But shhh!
Don't spread the voice.

Serg3449d ago

Auron89: Just don't bother talking to someone who thinks an engine has absolutely nothing to do with source code.

Foxgod3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

Depends on the engine.... if the engine is opensource, then it doesnt contain source code, instead it contains code written by others.
if its closed source, then it does contain source code.

May i add tho, that source code by itself, (when the engine doesnt contain any) isnt goin to help you much.

ultimolu3449d ago

Shut the f*ck up. You can't say something worth a damn instead of starting flame wars?

micro_invader3449d ago

Trolling is his purpose, he's here to even things out. If we had too much well thought out and reasonable arguments here it just wouldn't be N4G, would it? :P

rucky3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

FoxGod still can't let go despite already getting owned yesterday.

DJ3449d ago

"Just don't bother talking to someone who thinks an engine has absolutely nothing to do with source code."

Yeah, I remember yesterday too. That was too funny.

cereal_killa3449d ago

Fox gets owned almost every time he opens his mouth soon he'll realize he sounds more intelligent with his mouth shut.

PirateThom3449d ago

They should release Ninja Gaiden II on PS3 since the 360 doesn't have enough power to run the game...

Oh, they did, how nice.

-MD-3449d ago

"360 doesn't have enough power to run the game... "

Yet it's on the 360. You fail.

Obama3449d ago


Correction: The much inferior and incomplete version is on the 360


You are still here despite the fact that you got totally owned yesterday?

-MD-3449d ago

Well if less gore and purple blood is the superior version I'll gladly take the inferior version :)

Either way the game was barely worth a rental.

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Marquis_de_Sade3449d ago

I wasn't overly fussed about this game when it was first announced but a recent PSN video certainly changed that. Can't wait for this, just hope it's released in a fit state.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3449d ago

Is the Face&Body of Fat Princess i.e Gabe Newell pulling out then??? ;-D

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