Go! Gaming Giant: BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Review

Go! Gaming Giant: "I've been a fan of fighting games since the Tekken days. There's nothing quite like mastering a character to the point where you have memorized every combo, every counter, ever nuance. It's a genre that demands quick reaction time and decision making skills. All of this holds very true in Arc System Works latest 2D fighting masterpiece, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger."

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GameGambits3453d ago

Still playing the crap out of BB. Just finished all the characters' story to 100% completion earlier today. Can't beat score attack mode for the life of me. I got up to Rachel Alucard twice, once with Tager and another time with V-13, but she just drops a cleaveland steamer on me. I'll just have to get better or cheaper to win. :P

If anyone is still on the fence on this one you should get it. I have yet to hear one person bash this game for being bad, EXCEPT people who haven't played it lol. This is just the game everyone needs this summer for tons of fun. :)

ultimolu3452d ago

I beat it last night. I really like that Ragna dude- he got some nasty looking combos but his ending was freaky. :o

mastiffchild3452d ago

Yeah, great effort with some gorgeous visuals which show the benefit of having a great artist on staff-it doesn't half shine!

Played my mates import last night and this is just as good as the reviews suggest-can't wait or the UK release!

SpoonyRedMage3452d ago

Apparently it's not being released in Europe.:(

I think there's an article about it in the pending section.

pippoppow3453d ago

Love the animation and art style as well as the fast gameplay. I haven't bought a fighter in a long time but the art style and characters in this game drew me to it. It is fun and those who are into anime will certainly at least like the presentation. Would be nice to get additional characters as DLC down the road if possible. As it is now it is a goos solid fun fighter and I'm glad I picked it up.

HarukoHex3453d ago

I haven't owned a fighter Since Guilty gear on the first Xbox. and I'm loving it, truth was i was at gamestop and saw the case, and went hmmm. heard some good things, went up to the cash register talked with them told them i heard its better then Street fighter 4, one said he didn't know the other said he heard the same. so i bought it right on the spot, and i have to say. F#$KING amazing game. love the story to. and the animation and graphics are just great. glad to see they didn't make another guilty gear 2 like game. XD

blacksniper3452d ago

Has this game got a bad review since it was released. All I've seen have been nines and nothing lower.

GameGambits3452d ago

It got one poor review from GameInformer with a 7.75. I didn't have time to read the article at Gamestop when I was there, but I'd ignore it anyway. There's always 1 moron in the group who's opinion is taken with a grain of salt. I personally hate GameInformer, because if it isn't a AAA title game, then their review is not even a paragraph in length.

7.75 from GI isn't BAD, but it clearly is saying to the majority of people don't buy this game... which is right out dumb, since I can't think of a better 60 bucks spent since 2008.