Fat Princess Disappears From Summer Release List

Nofi from TheSixthAxis speculates on a recent EU Blog Post about the omission of everyone's favourite forthcoming 32 player brawler.

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The Hunter3450d ago

"I wasn’t allowed to mention Fat Princess because of what happened last time we mentioned it on the blog…better to be safe than sorry. The developers will be the ones to come onto the blog to announce it’s arrival when a date has been decided. It is coming though don’t worry."

ThanatosDMC3449d ago

When's this game coming for the 360?

Kouzmich3450d ago

there is no TRINE in that PSblog list. isn't that game coming out this month?

JL3450d ago

Yes as far as I know Trine is supposed to come this month as well. I think they just read into this too much. If you'll notice (from the blog):
"There is a nice list of content below for you to check out, BUT THERE WILL ALSO BE PLENTY MORE TO COME over the coming months too – this is just a small snippet for you."

So obviously what they showed here isn't everything. You would think that they would highlight Fat Princess and Trine, but nonetheless, there's more to come than what is listed here and I'm sure Trine and Fat Princess both fall into that "more to come".

Kouzmich3450d ago

when you put that way it makes sense. BF game is coming out next week I think and those other games might come earlier this month also. TRINE release date is at the end of this month. So Fat princes still might come this month's end maybe.

-x.Red.x-3450d ago

I want this game, hopefully they will fix everything and make it perfect.

mcgrawgamer3450d ago

they can take their time with fat princess long as it's perfect is all I care about.

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