Valve Has "A Plan" For Left 4 Dead 1

Speaking to IncGamers, Doug Lombardi confirmed that there will be more content coming for Left 4 Dead 1 following Valve's ongoing "plan," and that there will be a lot more to Left 4 Dead 2 than has currently been shown.

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Leord3453d ago

That's good news. I wonder if they will actually make the fans happy.

divideby03453d ago

the true test of how a game is, is by the staying power on my bud list..
and this game fell off faster than any other game I can recall especially when compared to other games who rated well

ThanatosDMC3452d ago

For me and my buds, L4D has become a survival deathmatch on expert mode. We rarely get to the safe zone. You never know when your teammate shoots you in the back with a shotty or throw a molotov at your feet.

Maticus3453d ago

I actually love LFD, nothing wrong with it IMO.

Dorjan3453d ago

Interesting to know if this is valves response to the pressure group or if this was intended all along...

jdktech20103453d ago

they said this the day L4D2 was announced but the protesters were too busy whining and wanting attention that they missed it....

evrfighter3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

lol they said this months before l4d 1 was released....

sdk came out when?
new weapons came out when?
new campaigns came out when?
new infected came out when?
new characters came out when?

we just barely got the sdk...right after we heard that modding for l4d1 will be pretty much full of LOL now that l4d 2 is being released in 5 months....

divideby03453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

F Valve....
L4D1 was meh and my bud list stopped playing it one month after it came out. Game was totally overrated. I wont buy L4D2, since I will not support a rip off like this..
All those who buy it...enjoy sucking up to Gabe who is ripping us off.

I am saving my bucks for DeadRising, which will eat L4D's lunch and have 100x more replayability for my hard earned bucks

DuneBuggy3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

I understand everyones entitled to their opinions, but the whole L4D overrated thing baffles me.

I mean on this very site its listed on the homepage still as a top 10 game.
The reviews were very positive.
Its on the top 10 on Live.
Its still not bargain bin priced last I went to Best Buy.

I look back at other "big titles" that came out around the same time last year (and I own a few of them). Never read about them anymore.
In short, overrated titles come and go. Why then does L4D linger on???
Cause its damn fun IMO.

dreamtheater873453d ago

Indeed, I think L4D deserves all the praise it gets for being an intense and polished co op experience. I think that, as with all online games, that some ppl don't enjoy it as much as others. In other words -

Playing alone = boring
Playing online = fun
Playing LAN surrounded by close friends = ludicrously fun!

omni_atlas3453d ago


Half-Life 2: Episode 3
Portal 2
Left for Dead 2

DuneBuggy3453d ago

I bought the Orange Box on sale several months ago and am just getting around to playing it.Havent played a Half Life game since the original in the late 90's.
Definately see the influences passed on to L4D.

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