Midway Avoids Fatality, Who Cares?

NowGamer: Warner Bros. Interactive is set to complete the acquisition of troubled Midway Games, but is it the last hurrah of an outmoded publisher?

Warner Bros. was the sole bidder for the majority of Midway's assets, including its Chicago and Seattle studios and the ubiquitous Mortal Kombat franchise. The $33 million sale has since been approved by a court hearing, while Midway's Newcastle and San Diego studios, which were not included in the deal along with a number of ageing sports titles, are set to close in the next 60 days if a buyer doesn't come forward.

The question is will gamers really care? The company was huge in the eighties, producing endless fun via its arcade division – but with the death of coin-ops, Midway has become something of a dinosaur, still relying on it's biggest franchise, Mortal Kombat.

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RustInPeace3422d ago

Who will care? THE GAMERS WHO WANT MK, THAT'S WHO! Mortal Kombat is pretty much just as needed as Street Fighter is in the fighting genre. Sure, Midway has produced a lot of miss games, but when they hit, it's good. Every other publisher which ever existed has had many flops, so for the author to come out and say "who cares?" is beyond stupid.

-MD-3422d ago

I wish they would make a good MK game again.

Mortal Kombat vs Killer Instinct o_o

redbadger3422d ago

DC VS MK ruined it for me and how can u sell a MK title with a "T" rating? Teen rating defeats the whole purpose behind the game. What were u thinking Ed Boon?

Krimmson3422d ago

Either make the game a T rating or have the game not be released at all. DC and Warner Brothers pretty much paid for the whole production for Midway and Boon and co had to repay by making it a T rating so that you can't rip Batman apart or decapitate Green Lantern.

With that said, they should've had Lobo in the game...

Elven63422d ago

Gamers will care, Midway has plenty of awesome franchise, there problems were they didn't have the budget to polish them up or the skill to advertise them well. With Warner Brothers they get both, I'm confident they will do better now.

Look at Atari under Warner, that was some of Atari's most profitable years. Warner knows what they are doing, the problem is they have a track record of bailing when times are tough.

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