BM: Fallout 3: Point Lookout review

BM writes: "Even with the hefty price tag, traveling to Point Lookout is well worth the cost, as the action begins right away. As you travel to Point Lookout for the first time, you watch a cinematic cut-scene (a medium I feel is underused in Fallout 3), which shows smoke rising from a mansion, later revealed to be a major location in the DLCs main quest. Once landed on the docks at Point Lookout, the Lone Wanderer talks to Tobar and the adventure begins."

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DanSolo3453d ago

One of the very few games in which DLC isn't just a blatant rip off!

If only all DLC was actually worth getting like this, unlike the usual charging for a few poxy maps or extra clothes, weapons, cars, horse armor ect ect.

If people start buying the decent DLC like this, and completely ignoring the bullsh!t ripoff ones then maybe we will end up getting alot more of the former and hopefully alot less of the latter!