BBFC: 'developers will have to show restraint'

A new games industry study by the BBFC has warned developers may have to start self-regulating their content as graphic games imagery becomes more realistic.

The research, designed to "to improve understanding of what players enjoy about video games, and to explain their preferences for particular games" was conducted by interviewing gamers and games industry professionals. It also set out to find out what impact players think playing games have on them and their behaviour, and what players think about the violence in some games.

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nice_cuppa4260d ago

from now on if i see anyone playing a game they are not old enough to be playing i am going to take it out of their system and snap it !

i will not have my games kiddyfied because people are stupid !

hay kid you enjoying gta are ya !

yes its ace !

oh thats nice kid ..... SNAP !

you broke my game !!!

yep HA HA HA !

Bullseye4260d ago

I don't think Halo with its alien killing masterchief is going to encourage anyone into mass murder,because players are always aware that this is fiction and just a game featuring aliens and an oversized armour clad hero. How realistic is that? Not very,i suggest.However,GTA is a whole different ball game in my opinion,because GTA and its like, purposely try to emulate,what is actually happening on the streets.In deed, some of the players are probably in gang etc themselves. This has the effect of making such games far more suggestable and likely to spur players to act out what they see in the game,because many people can relate to what they see.Its reality aspect of the game that becomes dangerous, not the gore factor.What do you think?