Midway Acquired By Warner Bros.

GamesAreEvil writes, "Anyone who has followed video game news over the last 10 years knows that Midway has dramatically fallen from grace. The onetime publisher of such great games as NFL Blitz, NBA Jam, Rampage and of course Mortal Kombat, has seen exponentially diminishing returns with each console generation. After several original IP's such as Stranglehold and The Wheelman failed to pan out, it became apparent that the beginning of the end was upon the once storied publisher. This became even more evident, when it was announced that Midway has posted a $191 million dollar loss over the course of 2008..."

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CrAppleton3453d ago

Wow, this is a sad turn for them. Remember when they used to actually make good games?

ammonator3453d ago

Agreed! I fondly remember the days of going to a friends house to play Mortal Kombat late at night because my parents would never let me have it.

JL3453d ago

Yea I can definitely remember the great days of MK. Now my question is this: Boon recently announced that they were going to return Mortal Kombat to its former glory by making an M rated game. So is that out the window now? I mean I just don't see Warner Bros. allowing an M rated game. I have lots of intrigue and faith in their Arkham Asylum game, but I do not see them allowing MK to return to the unnecessary violence and brutality that makes MK, MK. Seems more likely that we'd unfortunately see another MK-vs-DC. Sad, sad indeed.

bgrundman3453d ago

You are exactly right @x__JL__X. Warner is a licensed game house It would only make sense that collaborations would come out of the woodwork. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that this very well may kill the franchise MK. I honestly hope I am wrong on this.

JL3453d ago

Agreed. I hope we're wrong as well. I, for one, was very excited when I read that Boon was talking about making the M Rated MK game that we all wanted. Now, just as quickly, it seems that will all be going down the drain. I mean don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against Warner Bros by any means, just WB and MK doesn't mix (as we've seen). WB has an image to uphold and a TRUE MK would by no means fit into that image/rep.

Mo0eY3453d ago

Remake a Rampage, slap some online on it, throw in some versus modes and co-op modes with my buddy, and I'll give them $20.

bgrundman3453d ago

@Mooey That could be a brilliant XBLA game. Imagine if it was done in HD... yummy

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bgrundman3453d ago

Amen to that! Makes me wonder if Warner games might take the Midway brand name, like what happened with Atari.

roblef3453d ago

wait, what happened with Atari?

bgrundman3453d ago

When companies have bought the rights, just to name their company Atari... It has happened a couple of time now.

wondroushippo3453d ago

So what happens to Mortal Kombat now? Will they keep making the game that they have been developing or bring in a whole new team?

bgrundman3453d ago

I would hope that they keep the original dev team for the game intact... that is, as long as there are any superheros messing it up :P

roblef3453d ago

Hopefully they'll allow folks to work on the game that have been there from the start.


i don't know about that...

when you talk about allowing the dev's that have been there from the start to work on it, are you talking about the same devs that have turned MK into the current pile of crap as we know it ?

maybe what the game needs is a new set of devs to look at it from a new perspective. For me personally MK went down hill from around Mk2, If its the same dev's that have made all the games that have followed that i could not careless if they are taken off it.

with every new release they have talked about how its going to up the game, how its going to be a true MK game and with each you release they have got worse and worse.

that's what i think anyway. not that i want the current team to loose their jobs over it, but i have not been impressed at all.

GiantEnemyCrab3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

Looks like I will never get my Psi-Ops sequel now..

What a shame.

Foxgod3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

Microsoft :)
Then half the staff will be send to mistwalker studio, and the other half will work on Crono trigger, Final fantasy, dragon quest and Secret of mana for the 360 :)

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