Shacknews' Borderlands Interview: Gearbox's "Games are Fun" Epiphany and Why It's Already Thinking DLC


"The art the glue to everything," Gearbox's Mikey Neumann explains above the gentle hum of a crowded meeting room during E3. "It allows us to embrace what our game actually is, and man, when we had that epiphany, when it all came together, we were like, 'shit man, that's what this game is, this game is about having fun.'"

Neumann, whose job title today is "a guy who can get you things," is talking about the radical change that the studio's shooter-RPG Borderlands recently underwent, shifting from a gritty realistic aesthetic to something a bit more... stylized.

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BadKarmaSutra963449d ago

Wow. That was a really good interview. It's neat learning litle behind the scenes stuff about how games are made.

JL3449d ago

Yea I thought it was a good read as well. That lil excerpt where he gets to talking about all the people that are going to get offended by this game. Him joking about "getting sued by every major organization", only to go on and laugh at PETA and tell them to bring it, he'll just enjoy the promotion. That whole lil part made me laugh. I like this guy. In a day and age where games are being censored and cut back in order to appease whichever uptight peoples are offended by said game, this is a breath of fresh air to hear someone talk like: eh forget them. I don't care, they can just complain. This game is about being fun, so I'm doing it my way.

"Really, as developers, when you have an epiphany that the game's supposed to be fun, you simultaneously feel like the biggest genius in the world and biggest idiot that has ever existed. Like, how did we forget this? How did we forget games are supposed to be fun? And we do! Walk the show floor! We forget!"
yea I really like this guy.

Was also interesting reading about the certification process and how that ties in with DLC. Does kind of put some things in perspective as far as complaints about DLC coming too soon that should've been included on the disc. Not saying all people accused of such things have this excuse to fall back on, but it sounds a legit excuse and probably does happen in some cases and they catch undeserved sh*t for it. Just kinda shines a new light on some things (at least for me since I didn't know that stuff before).