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Blaze9293450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Not bad...not bad at all. I'll be paying attention to this title now. Can definitely see how people are saying the gameplay is strikingly similar to the God of War series; its clear as day to see that. Not that that's a bad thing though.

Torkith3450d ago

Looks like GoW + Ninja Gaiden? I sure don't care, it looks awesome.

lord_of_balrogs3450d ago

Looks good I may pick it up.

wUTTer3450d ago

Definitely picking this up along with God of War III. I love the GoW style of gameplay and if a game has a good enough story along with it, it'll be a day one purchase too.

Good job Visceral

JL3450d ago

Agreed Blaze. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this game as well from now on. Does have a striking resemblance to GOW, but that's not a bad thing indeed. The gameplay for this definitely looks fun, but I think the most important aspect to find out about this now is the story (especially given the source material). I really expect the storyline to be truly epic.

phosphor1123450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

That was exactly what I thought. I'm not even lying. It is like GoW and Ninja Gaiden's long lost child or something. I can't help but get mad that they just rip off gameplay like that..but the book/poem was so awesome..not to mention the enemies look so amazing.

DARK WITNESS3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

wrong reply

gaffyh3450d ago

Wow looks amazing, but I was hoping for something a little more unique, character/weapon design looks a lot like Ninja Gaiden. But still good news for Xbox only owners, now they'll get to experience a little bit of how awesome GOW is (seen as some of the people who worked on the original God of War are working on this game).

Syronicus3450d ago

As in what's in my pants right now. That game is looking pretty awesome!

ABizzel13449d ago

Not exactly what I was expecting. This seems like the friendly version of Hell, rather than a place of fear. I was expecting God of War meets Silent Hill.

But it's still on my watch for list as well.

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swiftshot933450d ago

but I really really would have rather had a dead space 2.

Blaze9293450d ago

you act like EA is just one team...chances are in the 90 percentile range that another team is working on Dead Space 2. Do you understand how many games EA works on at once and pumps out?

swiftshot933450d ago

Visceral games was the team behind dead space, now they're developing Dante's Inferno. I doubt EA would have another team to work on Dead Space 2.

Rock Bottom3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Visceral games were working on this game long before the release of Dead Space, I think they have enough members to work on two games at the same time, so they might be working DS2 right now. But I don't like what they're doing, obviously the team has talented members, why the hell are cheep ripping other peoples games, can't they come up with their own original stuff?

DARK WITNESS3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

@Rock Bottom

i don't quite know what you mean about them being original...

i mean dead space felt as fresh and original as it need to be and it made a big impression on a lot of gamers.

if your talking about new and original, well to what degree? i mean these days what exactly is really new that has not been done before;

hack and slash fighting demons, military shooters, shooting aliens, rpg's with swords and wizards, spy shooters or action third person... whats original in MAG, Killzone, Halo, Cod4, gears.. etc, etc... in terms of story and all that ?

we have been fighting the same foes ( aliens, terrorists, robots, demons) for the last 30 years.

What makes a game stand out to me these days is not necessarily coming up with some idea that's never been done before, but more importantly the quality and attention to details that can be put into what is already existing.

I mean if they really can come up with something totally new then cool thats great i am all over that, but in most cases its how you tell a story that has already been told. Dead Space did this very well, very, very well indeed.

in terms of story and gameplay, i would pick dead space over anything in 2008 and most of what i have played in 2009. it was my personal game of the year.

just my opinion.

Rock Bottom3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

By original, I mean not a straight out clone. At one point, Splinter Cell was supposed to be X-Box's MGS, but look how different SC is from MGS, the same goes for Silent Hill, it took the idea of a survivor horror game from RE, along with solving secrets and opening closed doors, but it made a whole different game.

It doesn't have to be fresh in every way, just enough to have a signature of its own. When I look at Dead Space, I see RE4 gameplay with The Things monsters in Aliens environment, it was a great game but I would've liked it more if it wasn't so obviously ripping other games like that.

DARK WITNESS3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

ok, i see what your saying.

i guess to some point different people see different things in these games.

I played a little bit of RES 5 and didn't like one single aspect of it.

on the other hand as i pointed out, i loved dead space.

To my mind i can't think of anything in dead space that reminded me of res5 or any res game at all. nothing about it made me think, ya they took that from res, but thats just me.

fair point, you explained what you meant, bubble to you man

Rock Bottom3449d ago

Thanks man, bubbles for you too.

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Sanhlami3450d ago

Looks ok. It just seems too similar to GOW3. I will still keep an eye on it though.

(I can already imagine HHG's headline: Dante's Inferno to take the crown of God of War 3?)

wUTTer3450d ago

It's definitely using GoW's mechanics, but that is in no way a bad thing. I doubt even HHG would be stupid enough to say such a thing.

Erotic Sheep3450d ago

He already did long time ago

Yes he is indeed THAT stupid..

DelbertGrady3450d ago

God of what?

Looks stunning! The dark story elements and the character design really got med excited. And the action of course! Bone scythe ftw!

ssipmraw3450d ago

this game couldnt hold a candle to what god of war 3 has to offer.

but it looks alright i guess

poopsack3450d ago

this dude missed the entire GOW3 E3 Demo, flying up the chains and jumpipng onto a titan FTW

BYE3450d ago

Looks totally sick, as expected!

I wouldn't compare it to God of War, the games have completely different settings. Getting both will probably be the way to go.

DelbertGrady3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

I'm aware that it's strictly forbidden to criticize God of War since it's one of the last 'great white hopes' for the PS3.

Anyways, I watched all of E3 and imo God of War 3 looked just as brainless as the previous games. Simple button mashing. And it's SO SLOW! Watch the E3 demo again. Kratos moves in slow motion. Compared to games like Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden you don't need any skill to complete God of War. And they don't move in slo mo either.

Dead Space redefined the survival horror genre and I'm pretty sure Dante's Inferno will do the same to the third person action game genre.

With Dante's Inferno and Bayonetta coming out this holiday I couldn't care less about God of War.

TheBand1t3450d ago

Dead Space redefined survival-horror? I loved it to pieces but it wasn't exactly redefining.

LarVanian3450d ago

@ Soda Popassky
Sorry man but taking you serious is quite hard. You bash anything that is exclusive to PlayStation.
You say GOW3 looks slow? Dante's inferno looks just as slow :)
Dante inferno to reinvent the action genre? Wow the sh!t you come up with is just hilarious. I'll let you think what you to think since you're just a delusional little person.

Just remember on PlayStation 3 I can play God of War, Devil May Cry, Dante's inferno, Bayonetta as well as Ninja Gaiden. You can't play however unless you own a PS3 :D

ssipmraw3450d ago

your questioning of god of war only shows your lack of gaming experience nub

xztence3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

the open zone is that way---->
take your stupid fanboy crap over there please.


how about this? as a ps3 gamer you get to enjoy not only GOW 3, but ALL of these games. the important thing is YOU WONT MISS OUT.
because ps3 has both the multiplatforms AND the exclusives to entertain its audience.

btw i'm looking forward to ps3-psp interconnectivity or the likes if they do it.

ultimolu3450d ago

What does God of War have to do with this? The game looks awesome but why bash God of War?

Why do you people start flamewars like this?

DelbertGrady3450d ago

Here come the crybabies. As expected.

So it's ok to think that Dante's Inferno looks like a poor man's version of God of War but not to think that it looks more exciting than God of War? The SDF logic of N4G.

Erotic Sheep3450d ago

Soda, if you have your own opinion that's fine. But if you come up with crap arguments, then yes, it only makes you sound as you try to bash God of War with anything you can. Even with this game :|

Anyhow it looks okay but as far as I know I'll only be getting God of War and Castlevania:LoS, now THAT one looks slick!

ultimolu3450d ago

Soda, what's with bringing up the SDF? Some people disagreed with you. So what? That gives you the right to keep using the SDF? What's wrong with you 360 fanboys? So anyone who doesn't agree with you or goes against your opinion is part of the SDF?

Grow up man. You're too grown for this nonsense.

beavis4play3450d ago

it may end up being as good but calm down. GOW has 2 games under it's belt and #3 looks amazing. dauntes inferno is a first effort. you're trying to hype this game just because the 360 doesn't have GOW. let's just let DI come out and see how good it is, ok?

even though DI is a blatant rip-off of GOW, i think it looks pretty cool. i doubt i get it when it comes out. i'll probably rent it first to see if i like it enough to justify a purchase.

II Necroplasm II3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

"the open zone is that way---->"
"take your stupid fanboy crap over there please."

Wait a minute.

Hypocrisy much?

Soda, don't insult the fanbabies, they will gang attack you on the internet because they have no life. Like someone up there that makes accounts on all kinds of websites then cries and starts text fights about the console war.

ultimolu3450d ago

Keep slamming those disagree buttons 360 fanboys. It's not only cowardly but also proves that you're not man enough to prove people wrong.

Soda, I respect the fact God of War isn't your cup of tea but don't compare it with this game. That's why people were on your case.

thewhoopimen3450d ago

Its not about just different "settings". The graphical effects on gow3 are still superior even given the "different" art direction.

xztence3449d ago

Notice how my comments are always in the open zone(where it belongs) and ALWAYS in response to 360 fboys bashing the ps3??

but no you just assume like you bunch always do.

Sarevok3449d ago

care to show us your skill at god of war 2 on titan mode Soda Popinsky?
if you cant then stfu noob.

Major_Tom3449d ago

Oh yes, two known Xbox fanboys come to rescue each other, how remarkable!

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Cerberus_Hunter3450d ago

I can't wait for this, GoW3 and Castlevania:LoS...all next year!? sweet. :)