Survey Says: Netflix Coming to PS3?

A new Netflix survey is making the rounds on the internet; this time it features questions on PS3 support. Will Netflix be making its way to the Playstation 3?

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DNAgent3454d ago

No point in having that. PS3 has a web browser and you can go to many different websites if you want to watch shows or movies for free (some streaming & some download). I don't bother with those anyways as i'm too busy playing games. I don't care about netflix as I have a PS3 & not a NetfliXbox 360.

badboy8083454d ago

All the free movies i want on the ps3 web browser.

thereapersson3454d ago

Don't kid yourself, having Netflix on the PS3 would be huge.

snaz273453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

hulu is NOT a major site at all! they even only cater to the US! So i couldnt even use hulu before they blocked it, and you think hulu is the only site like that? how about tv-links? how about flickpeek? how about tv-shack? there are many many more too so i think your the one kidding yourself... netflix is NOT needed.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33453d ago

Its no coincidence that almost all Blu Ray Players are fitted w/ ethernet ports.

More and more sites are making compatible versions optimized for the PS3 browser, there are several mp3 sites where you can download songs striaght to your HDD.

Hulu is the tip of the iceburg.

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TheDeadMetalhead3454d ago

but it's really not necessary since the PS3 has a web browser. Basically what DNAgent said over there. --->

thereapersson3454d ago

Having a dedicated Netflix client on the PS3 would definitely be awesome. Just look at how many people use it on the XBOX 360, and you'll see that it would be more than welcome on the PS3.

snaz273453d ago

well i use the browser everyday cos i dont have a pc, yeah it has some problems but really its not that bad atall... i used to stream movies online but i dont bother anymore as i can just download them for free off a certain site, all the new movies too, and the quality is near dvd, so i wouldnt use netflicks whether it was dedicated or not, i dont see any use for it whatsoever.

vhero3453d ago

Like original poster says it works fine on the browser and as for glitchy? you really don't own a PS3 do you? It may not be 100% compatible for all sites but its a very stable browser.

ObviousTruth3453d ago

why is it any time anyone says anything even semi critical of ps3, there's always someone who comes up with the ever-brilliant "you don't have a ps3 do you?"

i DO have a ps3 and i completely agree. it was cool when i first got my ps3 to be like "oh cool, a built in browser." but, then i realized the browser just had a lot of problems. now, if you're like the guy above that doesn't have a pc, it's great that sony packaged that in there. but if you have a pc, i see absolutely no reason to use the ps3's browser. i say by the time i looked at the 3rd or 4th video on my ps3, i'd get this memory error and i'd have to restart the browser.

wow i said the word 'browser' a lot. =P

as for netflix, would be nice for ps3 exclusive owners to have it. def cool. but, i can't help but think this article is just playing the continuing role of one upmanship that seems to be never ending this generation. i'm tired of hearing the "my system is better than your system" crap. i can't be the only one who's just burned out on this console "war." i even stopped coming to n4g for a while just to get away from it, but then realized it's the only site that updates on a nearly minute by minute basis with potential news (i say potential because 90% of the articles aren't really news at all - more like ammo for the fanboys in their flame ware).

snaz273453d ago

can i just ask when was the last time you used the browser? cos that memory full thing has not happend to me in a long long time, its been fixed since last year... the browser has gotten much much better, the only problem that it does have now is that the odd site doesnt work properly, but that very rare... i do all my banking online with it, check all my emails, watch films online as well as download them, i download music off it too, honestly if the browser was like you say then id not even bother with it and id just get a cheap pc... as it happens tho i dont need to, also you say there is no reason to use the ps3 browser if you have a pc, well i would still use it as i like to have it on my 42" plasma, it looks excellent, and i like navigating with the controller while lazing on me sofa, so there are reasons to use it, even if you have a pc.

wooferine3453d ago

Although the PS3 has its own Web browser, it can't be used to stream Netflix movies from the Netflix Website since Netflix switched from Adobe's Flash video format to the Microsoft Silverlight video format.

I currently use the Playon media server to stream Netflix movies from a Windows-based laptop to my PS3 and would really like to see Netflix provide the option of streaming movies DIRECTLY through the PS3 whether by a program on a disk or a program integrated into the PS3 firmware.

Hellsvacancy3453d ago

I watched Watchmen last night usin the Ps3 browser (it was a SICK film man lookin 4ward 2 the bluray release)

thereapersson3453d ago

lol @ your statement. You have to be kidding me, right? I don't own a PS3? I've owned a 60GB since may of 2007!

JaggedSac3453d ago

Wasn't there already surveys about it being on PS3 and Wii? It would be via a Netflix disc or something.

Syronicus3453d ago

Everybody knows that the PS3 can connect to any server based software on your PC already so just go download PlayOn and boom! You got Netflix. It's just that simple.

xwabbit3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

thereapersson I rlly dk what ur talking about cus almost every night I see a movie with my bro on the PS3 browser and it works just fine. Most of the time I'm just watching episodes of a series on my ps3 browser and it works like it should.

Jaces3453d ago

We already have...uh..Netflix.

Unless I've missed something here.

IRetrouk3453d ago

have to agree with snazz the ps3 browser is very gd, if you havin probs clear you cookies and history, also sony is in talks with the company behind netflix to bring it to playstation so its another fail for ms, i can do everything on my ps3 thats coming out with this new update, wow you can log on to facebook with the update, i have been doing it for like 2 years on the ps3 same as twitter and all the other things that you are getting with xbox, it kinda show how outdated the xbox is.

IdleLeeSiuLung3453d ago

I admittedly only used the PS3 browser 10 times. Out of those time at least half the time it crashes. It crashed on Hulu and then crashed on YouTube (although it is integrated).

The browser needs a lot of work, because it is very cumbersome to use and glitchy. I stopped using it since....

I think PS3 users would benefit more from a stable browser with better UI than netflix integration.

Of course I'm going to get gazillion disagrees from the SDF, but anyone without their fanboy goggles on can see that there is issues with the browser. Great idea and better than nothing, but needs work.

ObviousTruth3453d ago

you should have read my comment above before talkin trash.

you're just like what i said, one of those idiots that constantly has to rant about his system of choice is better...despite the fact that you are clearly ignorant on the subject. especially with regards to the facebook thing.

yes, browsers can view facebook. but what MS and facebook are doing is incorporating them together so that they go hand in hand. you can have it so your facebook updates as your xbox updates. sort of the way the 360 auto blog works now.

not that i necessarily think it's a good idea. i don't trust data mining sites like facebook and myspace. those sites are free for a reason. they take that information, group you into all sorts of categories, and then they sell that information off to other corporations, universities, and government agencies. and the last thing i need is for my xbox, which contains my real name, address, credit card info, etc.., to be tied into my facebook (i have done a pretty good job of keeping any personal information off these data mining "p2p" sites).

but that doesn't change the fact that you are trying to say ps3 is better because you could use facebook the traditional way for 2 years, while at the same time showing that you actually aren't up to speed on the features which MS is getting. let it go man. fine if you think your ONLY system is better than the other. but a lot of gamers own both. and we don't care about your petty arguments.

3453d ago
IRetrouk3452d ago

I have an xbox 360, well i have actually had 5 in my house since launch, you can look me up on xbox live my gamertag is IRetro UK, I have 57000 gamerscore so its not like i dont use it,its just that for me the playstation is more reliable and also has most features as standard.

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Dayman3453d ago

Why would Sony need Netflix when they can just stream their own movies. They Have Rights to allot of movies and TV series, plus don't they own MGM pictures? They can easily make their own program or patch to allow them to do this. I would love it if the PS3 streamed movies, I just think they dont need Netflix to do this.

snaz273453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

so your wish has come true lol, but better than that it can download films straight off the browser, the quality really is awesome too.

gamerdude113453d ago

It doesn't look like Sony is involved in this. If Sony approved Netflix for the PS3, they would build in support or offer a Neflix streaming application similar to the 360's approach. It looks like Netflix may be using BDLive to bypass Sony all together.

darkequitus3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

duplicate post

JD_Shadow3453d ago

...I would vote highly likely because it's always good to have more features, and you never know when you really would start WANTING to use it (hell, maybe the inclusion would get you to want to START, even if you thought you would never use it).

snaz273453d ago

i already know i would never ever use netfix cos i can already do all of what it offers and more. also i can watch the brand new movies that are at the cinema, i watched terminator 4, and transformers 2 for free the other day... ok they were cam versions but they wasnt that to be honest very watchable, but all the other films that are on dvd i get in great quality, also some films you get the screeners which are also in great quality... so please i want to know what is so good about netflix? dont you have to pay for that too?

darkequitus3453d ago

A lot of people like to watch their movie legitimately. So yes you can get illegal copies. No everyone want to do that.

So what is good about Netflix? It is convenient and legal.

Mr_Showtime13453d ago

Not to mention it's a marketing bonus on Sony's behalf, they can put it on the box that the PS3 supports Netflix and therefore generate sales, obv not people running by the hundreds to buy a ps3 because it now supports Netflix, but to those who where maybe considerng buyng a PS3, this may be a deciding factor.

John Kratos3453d ago

It would be nice if it came to the PS3 but it really isn't up there on my want list for PS3 features. Plus I already have Netflixs on my 360.

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