TVGB: Grand Slam Tennis Review

TVGB writes: "There seems to be a contradiction at the heart of Grand Slam Tennis. On the one hand its cartoony and expressive visuals and simplified career mode suggest a game designed primarily for the expanded audience. On the other hand, its complex controls and high level of difficulty suggest a title conceived mainly for the traditional audience. Grand Slam Tennis really does demand a lot of its players. Standing is a must if shots are to be pulled off consistently and discipline between shots to stay still and return your hands to the center is tiring business when playing for more than an hour. The game's difficulty also seems rather unbalanced - even on easy it can be difficult register a win against even the lowliest of opponents early on. It all adds up to a rather hardcore and demanding but ultimately very rewarding experience. For those gamers dedicated and energetic enough to learn the controls, Grand Slam Tennis is an easy recommendation".

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