IGN: Funny Extended Milo Demo

Watch below a very funny video about the Project Milo demonstration.
Must be over 18+ to watch.

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heroicjanitor3364d ago

That clearly isn't milo, Milo's t-shirt is orange who are they trying to fool? Lol great video

a_squirrel3364d ago

rofl!!!! That was funny xD

rockleex3364d ago

AAA title right there. ^_^

JL3364d ago

LOL That was f*cking hilarious.

pandabear3364d ago

That was great - lol

'you know I don't go to school, I can't even read yet'

MiloGarret3364d ago

Really!? I thought that was pretty boring actually, it had a couple of moments that were funny like when he's starving, lol... But overall I didn't find it particularly funny, too bad because they could have actually made an epic video making fun of milo.

To each his own.

Silver3603364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

Chobot has no standards, if she can hook up with that guy everybody has a shot. lol.

iAmPS33364d ago

It's so easy to sit behind a computer and b!tch about other people's work.

Nice job dummy, I dare you to do something better and upload it by the end of the day.

beavis4play3364d ago

"is it my birthday?.....i don't know since it's always daytime here at the pond".

funny sh1t!

Ziriux3364d ago

Heroic with your first response comment. I hope you weren't serious dummy.

MiloGarret3364d ago

Sorry for stating my opinion your highness, should I have asked permission before? Or should we all just accept every crap that's thrown at us as excellent? I wasn't aware freedom of speach was a thing of the past, please forgive me! Your opinion really matters to me.

It's really easy to be tough behind internet anonymity, right? Just another little loser who sucks at life and is desperately trying to act rough when he knows there'll be no consequenses... Don't worry little buddy, no one is scared of you, not here, and certainly not in real life. Now get lost, get a life, and let people like/dislike whatever they want. Moron.

techie3364d ago

It wasn't even slightly funny. Sh*te acting

heroicjanitor3364d ago

I guess you really do have to type /sarcasm after everything, I thought it was obviously a joke...

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GiantEnemyCrab3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

You know I would say this is Bad Joystick material but that was just too damn funny and worth the approval. No fanboy here just have a laugh with it.

IGN still sucks though.. lol

KionicWarlord2223365d ago

I loled....

" I have no concept of time it`s always daytime here."

GiantEnemyCrab3365d ago

haha "could you scan me in some food and water"

KionicWarlord2223365d ago

"What are you doing ? That doesnt look like it will fit."


Godmars2903365d ago

Always thought that that video would end with Milo downloading into the Xbox 6, transforming into a real boy, then destroying humanity...