Kotaku: New Astro Boy Game, New Screens, New Impressions


"The Wii version of the next Astro Boy game showed up in New York a couple of weeks ago. As of July, we can cover it. Click the thumbnails. Look at the screens. Read my notes. All at once.

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knox3455d ago

am i the only one interested in this??

labaronx3455d ago

im just really upset it took sony this long to support their handheld but they finally did. astro boy looks very promising and it's one of the many psp games coming in the next year i want to get... so far 17 psp games.

N4g_null3455d ago

Man I filed this under rumor in my mind. Looking fun though and it's a 3d platformer sweet and shooter! It's also astro boy!

There is no guts in this game so don't expect many fans to show up on this site.

megazeroxuxm3455d ago

Now they an awesome sidescroller of megaman X just like this. awesome 2.5D graphic. Megaman x9 finish the dang series -.-'