Game Podunk: Little King's Story for Wii Preview

After numerous delays, XSEED Games and Marvelous Entertainment have finally announced that Little King's Story has gone gold. This long-awaited adventure RPG is ready to ship to stores on July 21, 2009.

Little King's Story is a Wii exclusive title that is full of many gameplay elements and sports a very cool storybook look. It has elements of a life-sim, a real-time strategy, and an adventure game. If you've played games like Pikmin, or even Overlord, you have somewhat of an idea of how the game will be played.

You are a boy who runs his very own kingdom and you must assemble your citizens to aid you in your kingdom's expansion. Give them jobs to do, like building houses and bridges, to fighting enemies. Even take a group of them and explore the areas around you. There will also be other kingdom's that you will engage with along the way.

In celebration of this announcement, a batch of gameplay videos were released. Each video showcases a job class and a look at their properties. This isn't all of them, but it will give you an idea of what to expect.

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3423d ago
heroicjanitor3423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

That game got boring fast... Why isn't this downloadable? I'd like to check it out for cheap

knox3423d ago

this game looks GREAT

skygear753423d ago

Kind of bummed it's a Wii exclusive, but the game is looking great :)

rrquinta3416d ago

After being pushed back month after month, I was beginning to think this game was never going to be released. Thanks for the great insights into the game :D ow that it IS finally coming out!