Crispy Gamer: Flower, Sun and Rain Review

Crispy Gamer writes: "I know me talking to you like this sort of undermines the whole attempt to be all experimental and whatnot. But I think it fits the theme. Throughout Flower, Sun and Rain the characters comment on bits of the plot that don't make sense. They complain about bits of gameplay that aren't fun. It goes beyond breaking the fourth wall. The whole thing is kind of meta, you know? Like the fetch quests the game makes you run: You walk the length of Los Pass island dozens of times. The distances are interminable and pointless. But there's a counter at the top of the screen that counts your steps. You get a reward every time the counter hits a big round number. Suddenly something kind of awful becomes kind of not awful because the game makes it more gamey. Running around is still awful (and the designers know this) but I suspect they're sort of critiquing videogames as a whole for baiting boring stuff with meager rewards. Besides, the whole running back and forth thing pays off with an awesome running gag later on".

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