Big, new feature in Ratchet to be revealed at Comic-Com

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

Insomniac Games looks to be hitting Comic-Con hard this year. The developer already had a full plate planned for the show, with several new trailers, kiosks featuring playable demos of the game, the 'Create a weapon' contest winner, and even Ratchet himself scheduled for an appearance. Insomniac isn't stopping there though - Incomniac revealed a major new feature would also be unveiled at the show.

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gauntletpython3450d ago

When i first read 'new feature', i was hoping for multiplayer, though it's sounding less likely. maybe a weapon customization system?

bigrob1233450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

or getting to control captain quawk lol

(in mind boggling, jaw dropping, high definition) close up to the eye ball lol

one of the funnyest adverts for a game ever

ToastyMcNibbles3450d ago

i wonder why theres not too much of a spotlight on ratchet and clank this year...maybe there will be as we reach closer to release?..regardless i cant wait for it

gauntletpython3449d ago

sounds like comic-con will be the big coming out event for the game.

interrergator3450d ago

multiplayer coop or somthin we dont know about all i can think of how bout u guys

FrankFoxJaegar3449d ago

maybe some sort of crysis-like weapon modification, though i'm not sure if fans would be surprised about that?

shadowfox3449d ago

Was clank ever considered a 'weapon'? maybe it will be co-op?

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