WoW Tier 9 armor preview

Tier 9 gear awarded in the Crusaders' Coliseum images are up. Included are images for the Alliance mage, priest, and warlock. Images are up for the Horde hunter and shaman.

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3454d ago
Knightrid8083454d ago

The alliance mage set doesn't look too bad. Although, I wish the helm would be more badass looking.

farsided3454d ago

they remind me of the base 80 pvp sets in that they ALL look the same!

..."but farsided, they have different color schemes for alliance and horde!"

yeah, like i'd really care about that since they have to do with pve! i thought blizzard was starting to take the right route with the tier 8 set, but apparently they got sidetracked by giving druids different colored cat/bear forms and decided to call this one in.

danarc3454d ago

It's funny how WoW has like 11 million subscribers, more people playing it than any one game, but theres always just like 3 or 4 comments on a WoW article on here.

percephone3454d ago

Anything that's not "Sales" or "Console Wars" is mostly quiet.