Fez To Get Awesome On XBLA "Early 2010"

Polytron's Fez is coming (finally!) to Xbox Live Arcade next year, the independent developer announced today. Yes, that will be a long wait on top of what seems like an already long wait for the gorgeous puzzle-platformer.

Fez, which follows the platform hopping adventures of Gomez, "a 2D man on a voyage of discovery into the mysterious 3rd dimension" officially, has been platform TBA for what seems like forever. In reality, it hasn't been in development forever, just highly coveted since winning its "Excellence in Visual Art" award at the Independent Games Festival last year.

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kaveti66163454d ago

very cool. I read the description where it said a 2D man in a 3D world and I was like, "The worlds not 3D" and then the angle changed and I was like, "Aw! HELL YA!" This game looks really cool.