Interview: Michael Ephraim, Managing Director of Sony Australia

The Managing Director of SCE Australia talks to Gameplayer's Kevin Cheung about the PS3's Australian launch, Home, their competitors and what lies ahead for the PlayStation brand worldwide.

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mattkelly19914255d ago

After 3 generations of absolute marvelous gaming the Playstation brand is very high. People are hating on the PS3 for reasons unkown(to me). I have a friend, he has an Xbox360. I play it all the time, becuase im not that flipping big of a fanboy. He wont even play PS3. I think everyone whith an XBOX360 thinks tere so god damn high on there pedistal, that one day there going to fall, down down down. Back down here with the rest of us. They think there so good becuse they have there little Halo. Get a new game.

xg-ei8ht4255d ago

Slightly off topic.

Strange as it seems, i 've been in quite a few shops that sell ps3's. and have hardly seen any ps3's up and running, yet when 360 was out i saw those in the same shops i visit now. Strange.

Makes you wonder, ppl want to see games in action, not stupid commercials that are nothing to do with anything.

Reminds me of segas advertising, and we know where that ended up.

I think once a few of the big hitters for ps3 are released and the public are shown these in the shops. ps3 will thrive.

daomay4255d ago

when u see someone with a Mercedes Benz...some would say wow that is a nice car but abit expensive....some would say I think my toyota does the same thing as the Merc....but deep down inside we all wish we could have a Mercedes Benz lol

Sony products is like a Merc fuking expensive but gee I wouldnt mind one in me lounge room.