G4TV: BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Review

G4TV writes: "When it's all said and done, the question remains: isn't this just a new Guilty Gear with a different title? The answer is "yes" in almost all regards. And make no mistake: this is not a bad thing at all. Some of the gameplay has been changed up (command throws are now the norm instead of forward and hard slash) and the characters are different, but if you've played a Guilty Gear game before, you know what to expect from BlazBlue. Novices and the most casual of fighting game fans will be turned off by the game's incredible variety of depth and the time it will take to master any one aspect of the gameplay, but anyone who has ever liked kicking their buddy's ass with a joystick in hand will love this very good, very solid entry into the genre. Its HD visuals will amaze, the soundtrack brings the energy, and it is worth your 60 bones".

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GameGambits3450d ago

This game is amazing. I've been playing it nonstop since I picked it up and with the other fighters set to release this year this is the one currently holding the crown.

If anything could take the crown it might be King of Fighters 12, but since it lacks a story mode it will have to make up for it in everything else it offers.

One thing I don't agree with this games review is saying it will be a turn off to new comers to fighting games. That is 100% false. There is a character even button mashers could stand toe to toe with some pros as(Noel), and the game scales in various ways to help you get increasingly better with whatever character you want to get good with. Plus picking up the Limited Edition copy that is out now it comes with a bonus disc that is meant to not only teach you the basics with every character, but also teach you how to be a pro with them.

This game is worth everyone's hard earned 60 bucks this summer and even if you are turned off by Anime things you'd still have a blast kicking butt online. :)

SubZero3450d ago

Picked this up also have only played a few matches but the learning curve could be a little steep on this one. The characters i played do all play differently think its just a matter of finding someone to fit your style.