Numbers for Playstation network show promise

Susan Nourai, the senior director for the Playstation Network, has given the press some new numbers about the state of PSN. The network now has 600,000 registrations and 3.7 million individual downloads of content. Could Sony surpass Xbox Live at this rate?

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techie4143d ago

Nice little fact for you. If you have friends with a ps3 and you use downloadable games. Then only one of you needs to pay for it. You can share your games between 5 other ps3 owners. Put it on a USB and they can have it...for free, or you can spread the cost :) Potentially Flow could cost $1.60 each :P

N4G_FANBOY_CRAP4143d ago

Some quality games on the store.

I don't know why everyone bags the PS Network as every online motorstorm & resistance game has been spot on

CyberSentinel4143d ago (Edited 4143d ago )

600,000 of 3 million PS3
6 million Gold Members of 10 million X360

Thats what I call piss poor numbers, NOT even half the installed base, AND THE FRIGGIN CRAPPY SERVICE IS FREE!

Even if they didn't intend to play online, why not at least register their systems? perhaps 600k is the real number of system sold! If that is considered promising, then Sony must of had some real low expectations!

PoS3 is all but an official failure at this point.

Blind Lemmings, It's Only A Matter Of Time.

BlazeXXL4143d ago

I'm really getting f*cking sick of you goddamn a$$holes. Leave the commenting to the PS3 owners, if you have no intention to speak friendly, or with any arguement or whatsoever.

F*ck this sh!t, I'm getting so friggin pissed off *spits out blood*

masterg4143d ago

Actually the only one who is blind here is you.
600k is very impressive. You cant compare number to Live yet.
Did Xbox Live have 600k after 6 months. I think not buddy.

SmokeyMcBear4142d ago

cyber is just confused, as confused as his sony brand avatar. He is just really jealous that he can't afford a ps3 and needs to lash out at those that do have one. Don't worry cyber, you can save your allowance for the rest of the year, and maybe rent it from blockbuster.

gooner4142d ago

first how do u think those figures came around did M$ calculate the amount of nts logged on in the last month hell no.they calculated the amount of cards they have sold\shipped and out of all those gamers how many of them are u-18
now how much parents let kids use there credit card online to renew there live accounts 5%
so what they do buy new cards
\nuff said

my guess 2.5 mil active live users

Arkham4142d ago

The quoted 6 Million XBL users are since the service's inception, and includes all Xbox subscribers as well. Silver, Gold, Xbox, 360, etc... all inclusive.

zantetsuken4142d ago

Hey dumbass, I mean king troll. Live has been out since Xbox debuted, not 360 you schmuck. You're basing it on a console service that's been out for 5 months vs one that's been out for 5 years. I sense a lack of intelligence.

If anyone's blind, clearly it's you.

Arkham4141d ago

Whoever disagreed with me is in denial. Sorry, but you really need to re-read the XBL numbers announcements that were made a few weeks ago. Google is your friend.

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DrWan4143d ago

Most of the Xboxes sold to date are in the Western Hemisphere, which has more craving on the whole online thing when compare to Japan. Now, look again at the US and Europe number is only actually about 2.4ish million PS3 sold. So, yah, still not as many as Xbox members but it's not as bad as ppl perceive it as.

But again, why are there not more registered users? have you considered that most were previous PS2 owners who were mostly offline players in the last generation who didn't feel the need to hop on to the online train yet? As more games like WarHawk or small downloadable content like Calling All Cars come out; I am sure we will see more players join PSN.

Keep those flamming comments to yourself please, it's not doing anyone any good..bc Sony is actually trying to improve their service to PS3 owners, and having all the system myself, it's kind of sad to see someone with an xbox just randomly say stuff like that.

DJ4143d ago

It's a great service, and the new features they keep adding just keep improving the quality. Hopefully Sony keeps pumping out compelling new content at a steady rate throughout the year.

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