Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: Mirror's Edge

So what exactly is Mirror's Edge? Is it a free-roaming adventure game with the occasional fault? Is it a first person shooter with the tendency to fall over stupidly or is it simply an 'OKish' game? The answer - it's an experiment, and for that us gamers have to excuse it.

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Gamer_Politics3453d ago

one of the worst games of last year just felt like some speed trial mini games

SubZero3453d ago

Not the best but different and that counts for something in my book. I can't take anymore COD KZ and Halo clonez.Time trials in this are addicting as hell too

ian723453d ago

I thought it was a good game, different. And the time trials are quite addictive.

SuicidalTendencies3453d ago

I just bought this game a couple of weeks ago on the PS3. I absolutely love the game. There are so many different ways to go about the level, it's really amazing. I watched some of the speed runs on youtube and I was saying "why didn't I think of that" the whole time.

DW3453d ago

but like the article says, ea/dice just need to fix a few things here and there and be gone ... talk about some of the hardest trophies around