The Portable Gamer Review: Merlin's Legacy for iPhone

TPG writes: "Merlin's Legacy actually has somewhat of a bell-shaped learning curve as the middle levels seemed much more difficult than the final ones. The soundtrack in between battles and at the menu screens definitely adds to the fantasy feel of the game and the addition of in-game Achivements significantly adds to the replay value. Overall, it's a fun game, but it does lose some of the strategic elements once you learn which combinations of spells work best. At the very least, you should pick up the Lite version and give the first few levels a try, because it's definitely worth checking out. However, at a regular price of $2.99 it's hard to strongly recommend this title, but the current sale price of $1.99 until the 4th of July is a bit more reasonable. "

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supercharger51503453d ago

wow, that opening graphic with fire on Merlin's hands is AMAZING!

wondroushippo3453d ago

This game just makes Merlin seem like a badass.

roblef3453d ago

Merlin's ALWAYS been a bad ass.

supercharger51503453d ago

hmmm, looks like this would appeal to the really intense RPG fans, not really the everyday iPhone user.

roblef3453d ago

Yeah, but how cool is it to even *have* a RPG game like this on the iPhone?