Q&A: Exigent's Steed On Why 'Mobile & PC Are The Future'

What's famed Quake artist Paul Steed up to nowadays? Working as Chief Creative Officer at Indian game outsourcing firm Exigent, it turns out, and he spoke to Gamasutra about educating Indians on making games for Western markets, and why "...the future of gaming is really mobile games and PC games."

When they last spoke to Steed, he was working as Creative Director at Atari, but in late 2006 he signed up with Exigent, which is based in Noida, India. The company has titles such as Quake IV and the NFL GameDay series on its resume, and is already working on art for several next-gen titles.

Thus, here are some key points, from Steed's point of view, on what he's doing and the future of outsourcing and the game biz:

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Firewire4256d ago

What the F**k does some artist that worked on a game from last century know about gaming! Jeez, the guy worked on Quake even! Whats this crap about mobile phones, you think we want to play little rinky dink games on phones, this guy needs to slap himself upside the head.
And yeah we are all going to jump over, and buy super fanzy computers to play 1 or 2 games on it till we have to upgrade again, can you guys possibly use your brains for once. People complain about $600 for the PS3, how the hell are u gonna make them pay that much every six months to keep their computers updated?
This dude should stay in India, that might be the only place were they'll by this crap!