GamesRadar: Overlord II Review

So while this self-proclaimed "evil simulator" doesn't feature that horrible thing the reviewers made you think of in the first paragraph, its brand of guiltless comic villainy is probably more entertaining than "true" evil could ever be. Just look at Kim Jong-il - that guy's never smiling.

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callahan093451d ago

How off can they get? Didn't they give inFamous a 7? inFamous is an excellent game. I absolutely hated Overlord 2, and that comes from a fan of Rhianna Pratchett's writing and the original Overlord game. The sequel has a horrible camera, faulty controls, bad graphics, uninspired writing in comparison to the original, and most importantly TERRIBLE level design and missions.

GamesRadar also gave Trash Panic a 9 out of 10. After the 7 they gave to the excellent inFamous, I figured this must mean Trash Panic is truly a something special, and boy did I ever disagree with them (as usual). Trash Panic sucks. It's overly complex rubbish, it's name doesn't belong anywhere near the likes of Tetris, Columns, or Puzzle Fighter.