Come Meet the New Firefox 3.5 Logo

"The new Firefox logo has made its first appearance in the wild. So, what do you think? Do you love it, hate it, or not really see a difference?!"

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Johnny Rotten3451d ago

looks alright, I don't really see a difference?

3.5 is noticeably faster but as of right now it's not compatible with Norton so some people might want to wait till it's fixed (apparently in a few days).

iHEARTboobs3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

I don't see a difference either.

I like this one better though..


Tony P3451d ago

The changes are pretty subtle. They didn't really add to it more than detail what was already there. You'd probably need a side-by-side to even notice. The biggest change is in the fox's saturation and the globe's highlight which makes the contrast jump enormously, for better or worse.

In the scheme of things I could care less though. As long as the browser delivers, which it does.

Edit: Here's a side-by-side

rockleex3451d ago

But I like the one with boobs better. ^_~

KingEamon3451d ago

I like the old fox better but I prefer the new globe.

ChozenWoan3451d ago

the new logo has more of a 3d effect to it than the old one... nice.

badkolo3451d ago

I like the new one better, nice logo, and 3.5 is much better now, faster and less of a memory hog, not as fast as opera 10 beta but opera 10 is the biggest memory hog there is. CHrome and firefox for the win but firefox is better for plug-ins etc..

karan86243451d ago

I dont see much of a difference

And if there is hardly a change, what was the point?

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