Bone-idle : Boost your tracklists by 21 songs for free.

Bone-idle writes "This covers free DLC for Guitar hero 3, Guitar hero World tour, and Rock band 1 and 2.

Looking to boost the track list for your music based games but you just cant afford the expensive DLC ? Well we have scanned through the EU PSN/LIVE and picked out all the free tracks that have been made (and still are) available to you to download for free. Don't miss out on taking advantage of these free tracks simply use the list below to easily locate and download your freebies.

We have found a total of 21 free songs and while the guys behind Guitar hero are sometimes portrayed as the bad boys, after the mess they made of GH3/Rockband controller compatibility issues and the shameless cashing in with the greatest hits disk it turns out they have been far more generous with the freebies than the rock band guys."

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