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SuperStrokey11233450d ago

Pretty meh update. Cant all be great though.

GameGambits3450d ago

I wonder if BlazBlue will have DLC and what it will contain?

I think I'd cream myself if they added Jubei and Hazama as playable characters. Jubei just looks so bad a$$ for a one eyed cat man lol. :P

harv0523450d ago

And what the hell is going on with Rock Band DLC??? Guitar hero gets: Bad Religion, NOFX, Rancid (three of the best punk bands) Rock Band gets: The Devil Wears Prada, thrice, Dear and the Headlights......Where did Harmonix went wrong?? I think they really went down on DLC quality....

ThatCanadianGuy3450d ago

Nice ! Quite a hefty update between this & Home.
Picking up that Capcom remix pack for sure !

Might as well renew my Qore sub too.I'm hoping for a MAG beta code from it

morganfell3450d ago

Nice. Just renewed my Qore subscription, picked up Punisher and the Motorstorm add-ons.

ThatCanadianGuy3450d ago

what the hell happened to your bubbles??

STK0263450d ago

Kodu and Punisher this week, BF1943 next week, I only need Fat Princess and I'll be a happy man for the summer.

morganfell3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

That took 1 hour for me to go from 8 bubbles to 5. Look around at prominent PS3 supporters and you'll see the same thing happening. You see how you got a disagree just for asking? There are some jealous and scared people on this board.

Punisher is at 75%. I'll let you know.

EDIT: Punisher is 737MB, installing now.

spunnups3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Morganfell you should add me on PSN, I play Motorstorm consistently and I'm sure I'll pick up the new tracks ASAP. Oh,and here's a bubble.

xwabbit3450d ago

Those are are the 360 fan boys, they have so many account is sad. They need 2 agree with them self's every time, that's how sad they r

Rifle-Man3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Well, shít – here's a bubble for you, Morganfell.

ultimolu3450d ago

Don't worry morgan. Their day will come.

Have a bubble.

As for me, I'll check out the store later. Blaze Blue has me hooked. :o

LittleBigSackBoy3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

bubbles for everyone :D

edit: bubbles for vvvvvvv too, while i wait for juno to buffer lol

OmarJA3450d ago

I used to have 9 bubbles now look at me...

These 360 kids are pathetic.

rucky3450d ago

It's summer so hence more 360 kids loose on the interwebs.

LittleBigSackBoy3450d ago

you guys should add me on PSN, HideoYojima

morganfell3450d ago

Thanks to all here and back at you. As for Punisher I am just starting to mess with it so I want to hold any critiques on it. I will say the following:

1 - It's a download game. That should not affect quality but it does. Also it is $9.99. That also is an indicator...sometimes, and it is here.

2 - The game is definitely focused on MP. Story mode isn't really story mode as the only story is in the comic book cutscenes. The actual combat is Team deathmatch. You unlock weapons, perks, and characters in story mode.

3 - If you do not like gore then this isn't your game as the sight of your own headless and limbless body may not be your bag.

4 - There are plans for DLC and you can see it in the menu. This game may show it's strength with actual players as the AI doesn't have the 'I' at all.

Marquis_de_Sade3449d ago

It's hardly surprising Morganfell is low on bubbles, he constantly rises to the bait from the petty fanboys.

ThanatosDMC3449d ago

Yeah, the only thing im waiting for from PSN is Fat Princess. I spent hours on end watching the youtube videos and i couldnt help but smile while i look at those cute looking soldiers brutalize one another to a bloody gore.

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Erotic Sheep3450d ago

Wow, only $9,99 for the Punisher. Thats a steal since the game looks pretty impressive for just a downloadable game with all the extra features.

Getting that Remix pack for sure, seeing "Final Fight" between that list was enough to pick it up, that game is just full of win \o/

cranium3450d ago

If it was $5.99 like the packs for the first motorstorm, then I'd get it, but at $9.99, I think I'll pass.

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