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Gamer_Politics3449d ago

i hope this game can be the next big Wrpg...

labaronx3449d ago

the premise sounds killer. hopefully we can get some updated gameplay footage and hands on impressions real soon.

navyguy213449d ago

Either way, this is a day 1 buy for me. Uncharted 2, Alpha Protocol, Dragon Age, Forza 3, Assassins Creed 2, Modern Warfare 2, MAN im going to be broke this holiday!!! Good thing im not married............although my girl has been throwing hints........HELP ME!!

BWS19823448d ago

I look at the prices of nice jewelry for an engagement ring, and I keep thinking about how many games it's worth. :D

Sheikh Yerbouti3449d ago

I keep confusing Alpha Protocol with the Agency, Sony's MMRORPG for the PS3, not to be confused with Rockstar North's Agent. This is getting even more confusing.

I love espionage much, much more than zombies. Good...more spy games. Which one will I get?

Grown Folks Talk3449d ago

Try before I buy on this. Has potential.

TheColbertinator3449d ago

With Alpha Protocol and Dragon Age arriving this year,Western RPG fans are in for a treat

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