Top 10 Most Downloaded PSOne Classics in June

The month of June saw many new PSOne Classic releases on the Playstation Store of the PSP and Playstation 3. So which new release managed to make the top ten most downloaded list for the month of June?

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4pocalyps33449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

i already know final fantasy 7 is going to be number 1.....

EDIT: yup final fantasy 7 numero uno. followed by sf alpha which is pretty good

SpaceSquirrel3449d ago

They would have to remake it for XBLA.

MongooZ3449d ago

SpaceSquirrel ya right... keep dreamin' bud, keep dreamin...

rockleex3449d ago

Still in top 3? O_O

That game is just too awesome. ^_^

I want an HD remake. >:D

shawnsl653449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

FFVII #1 :)

Was there ever a doubt?

Heck the reason I bought a PS3 was for GT5 and FFXIII Versus (since Versus is made from the original FFVII team). Uncharted, God of War, other PS exclusives, and Blu Ray are bonuses along the way during the wait.

Poopface the 2nd3448d ago

but I still got my copy, used a ps emulator to play my disk. I was surprised how good it worked.

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N4GAddict3449d ago

Kinda surprise not to see Resident Evil

chisox1003449d ago

were was Metal Gear Solid?

SpaceSquirrel3449d ago

On Playstation Pulse, Christina said to expect it to climb the list in July.

N4GAddict3449d ago

It was remade and re-release a lot of times before coming to the PSN. So I'm not really surprised.

meatnormous3449d ago

Metal gear solid is on my shelf black label in mint condition. It is also in the essentials collection right beside it. I didn't dl it because I own 2 copies of it already. FF7 on the other hand is on the shelf and on my PS3, I guess I like things in twos.

guitarded773449d ago

Well FF7 was a no-brainer for No1. It's a nice break after playing COD4 online.

Magnus3449d ago

I thaught FF7 would have braught in more than 100000 for the first 2 weeks if its downloaded more maybe this will show Square its time for a remake.

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The story is too old to be commented.