Analysis of Major Nelson's defense of ads on XBL

As the community has already seen, Major Nelson today defended Microsoft's decision to put more ads into the XBL dashboard.

This article examines the Major's post and shows that he says nothing worthwhile on the subject--merely stating the obvious in most cases.

This story is NOT a duplicate, because it goes over and beyond the mere reporting THAT the Major made a statement.

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GiantEnemyCrab3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

Who are you again? The N4G community? Uhh, you don't speak for me and the N4G community is worth ZERO when it comes to any credibility on gaming.

On this topic. It's clear that Major said they are not adding more ad's and all this will do is enhance the already existing "ads". And the ad's that are there now are directly related to a contest or giveaway and they are always gaming related.

I don't know how more clearly to spell it out for you but everyone seems to get this but the author. There are no more ad's coming.

clichegamertag3370d ago

Look who can't understand something.... The post description says that the community has seen that news is out. It wasn't an appeal to the people. It was more of a flag to let the N4G reviewers know that I KNEW that the Major's post was already seen on N4G.

No one claimed to be speaking for YOU, Dr. Defensive. You just wanted to lash out. Simmer down.

Furthermore, it's "ads" not "ad's." Go back to school.

clichegamertag3370d ago

One other thing: anybody can claim something is gaming related. "Mountain Dew is gaming related, because you sometimes drink it when you game...."

The standards for relevance are so weak or unclear that there's no point in invoking them to support the Major's cause.


Why dis3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

"Mountain Dew is gaming related, because you sometimes drink it when you game...."

Mountain Dew would sponsor video game related news/gaming events/gaming contest/free content.

Lots of brought to you by brand X gaming related content with some exposure to their products about once a week and after detection it may or may not reappear until the ad run is over.

Do you own a 360?




Foster Farms Chicken ads appear all the time and they don't sponsor or host events, they're on XBL because Foster Farms tells us they're relevant ;)



clichegamertag3370d ago

You missed the point. ANY advertiser can claim on XBL that their ad is relevant.

So, bringing in RELEVANCE adds no weight to the Major's case.


Gamertags3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

And not a stupid article on a web site ran by college kids trying to make a buck on advertising.

As for Nelson, at least there is a guy that gives updates and gives information on xbox live. You think he is going to give away secrets? Get real!

Report this stupid article!

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Thoreau3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

do you want to see one ad at all?

enhance the already existing "ads". Is that where the 50 bucks a year is going to? why waste the money.

IdleLeeSiuLung3370d ago

I initially had the reaction of no ads in games, especially after seeing what Ubisoft did to RB6V with Major League Gaming.

However, after seeing other games I realize that Ubisoft just did an example of how to screw it up.

Conclusion, I have no issue with ads as long as it fits my need. In fact, I like ads because it brings things I might otherwise not notice to my attention. This of course assumes that the ads are relevant. The way I see it, the NXE is already very much ad driven and I love it. I login and I see what is new in the spotlight... It is an experience!

If MS makes money of this good, that means they will continue to re-invest into a profitable business.

matt2473370d ago

on his twitter account he said that here would be no additional ads, silverlight just makes it easier for streaming

Why dis3370d ago

The contributor has a agenda.

clichegamertag3370d ago

Agenda: defending the post against ridiculous comments.

3370d ago
clichegamertag3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

Who cares about ads being of better quality? Is this the Superbowl?

What's your agenda is defending the quality of the ads?


Heh. Feathers have been ruffled. You're proof.

3370d ago
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Rockox3370d ago

I just ignore them, just like I've been doing.

ChayneSmokin3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

We will never truly know until it happens. However I will note that Major Nelson being vague may mean he does not know as much on the matter either.

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