Crap Detector: Sony originally planning PSP to go UMD-less is a lie

It has been reported that Sony had always planned for its PlayStation Portable to go UMD-less. Find out what Sony is REALLY saying about this press release.

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Mo0eY3453d ago

I disagree. I think both of the handhelds wanted to with digital distribution, but at the time, the internet stuff wasn't really booming plus the hardware probably wasn't around (those sticks back then were hella expensive).

Admiral_Benson3453d ago

lol. So true.

I remember spending over £50 (about $100 at that time) on a 556mb pro duo stick when i first got my PSP and that was one of the cheapest ones around at that time!

Pixel_Addict3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

that is WHY Sony included so many other features like wi-fi and memory stick compatibility. This article was just drudged up by some MS fanbaby who probably wrote this themselves to read the article comments on NG4 while pleasing themselves.

The Master Chief3453d ago

lmao Who you gonna call? Crap Detector!

SpoonyRedMage3453d ago

Nah, Sony's always used their systems to push their multimedia formats. Pushing the UMD was always a goal with the PSP.

Veneno3453d ago

That UMD was a short-term answer for the PSP. I mean look how far Sony has come in digital distribution on the PS3 even. Full games able to be downloaded. It makes perfect sense. I mean, do you use optical media to play games on your cell phone? Didn't think so. This is a natural progression. All that's left is the PSP phone w/touch-screen and you've got a perfect hand-held device.

JoySticksFTW3453d ago

Waiting on that, right there. And it can't come fast enough

Pixel_Addict3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

Are they [Sony] lying about hardware failure? No, some mouth-piece from Sony is just making a statement. Besides, if Sony never intended on a UMD less PSP then why is the damn thing have so many wireless features, not to mention the ability to DL content from your PS3 to the PSP and it being compatible with removable memory storage? They may have very well had planned to make a UMD less PSP but wanted to push UMDs first. That obviously went no where for a good reason.

So that leads me back to my previous statement; why does it even matter?

I personally want to have physical control of the content I purchase instead of relying on Microsoft or Sony 'letting' me exercise imaginary access to content.

mikegotgame3453d ago (Edited 3453d ago )

I agree with SpoonyRedMage--Sony really wanted to push the UMD format, which is why they were selling UMD movies in the first place. Sony did the same thing with the PS3, pushing Blu-ray.

The two formats turned out differently: the UMD bombed, while Blu-ray won. Sony wouldn't be saying it originally planned UMD-less PSPs if the UMD format took off.

Veneno3453d ago

UMD movies didn't do well for the movie companies because they were charging more than DVds and providing LESS content. This has been said before. Sony doesn't dictate the prices of movies or games that aren't theirs. The movie companies have only themselves to blame.

The PSP has been successful. Just because there is a new SKU with no optical media, all that success just never happened?

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