PlayStation Store Update EU 02/07/09

EU PS Blog writes: "Hello all, I'm back for another week of PlayStation Store fun! As seems quite fitting after a couple of slower weeks on the store, this week's update is absolutely crammed with content.

We have four PSN games up for grabs, from our very own Numblast, to the comic-inspired shooter Punisher: No Mercy, as well as the old-school classic James Pond: Robocod. We have plenty for PSP owners too, with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite available digitally, as well as the PSP version of Numblast amongst other things."

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sinncross3186d ago

I think ill pick up the demo and see how it fares, but it does look like fun!

tommy-cronin3186d ago

there is no demo by the looks of it, sry it will be in the american store tonight

DeforMAKulizer3186d ago

Tons of stuff to download today...
Awesome update!!!!

SuperStrokey11233186d ago

Golf stat boosts now cost money...

Keith Olbermann3186d ago

will this work with NA psp's?

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The story is too old to be commented.