Fallout 3 50% Off Weekend on Steam

"The award winning RPG Fallout 3 will be on sale this weekend on Steam with a very nice discount of 50% off."

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peeps3365d ago

tempting lol although i already bought and completed it on 360 (back then my pc wasn't up to the job but since they it's been upgraded)

ThanatosDMC3365d ago

Sucks that i bought the retail box. If only i knew it would have come on steam eventually, i would have waited.

peeps3365d ago

indeed. i love steam for it's deals as well. has some really good offers. unless theres a game i really wanna play i usually just wait and then 1 day up it pops on steam for a ridiculously low price

ColinZeal3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

...but i´m still ponderig if I shouldn´t get this one as well... 360-controller support? Sounds very very nice... :)

DirtyLary3365d ago

Yes a XBOX controller works flawless.

cruckel3365d ago

and for 50% off, you haven't played this yet, its completely worth it if you computer can run it. Expect long nights, and many rage quits :)