Sony Responds to VR Glove Patent

Sony tells Next-Gen that its recent patent on virtual reality gloves doesn't necessarily mean we'll all be jacked in the Matrix anytime soon. Sometimes filings with the federal Patent and Trademark Office reveal concrete plans on a yet-to-be-released consumer product. But sometimes they're simply precautionary measures that refer to ideas that will never come to fruition.

"The development process requires that we file the necessary federal and industry paperwork to protect our ideas," said a Sony Computer Entertainment America rep. "However, a paperwork filing is no guarantee an idea will ultimately result in a consumer product."

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LSDARBY4255d ago

lol, good picture to go with it. I dont think this will see the light of day tbh. But Sony could just be throwing us off like they did in the Home & Kotaku thing.

Sexius Maximus4255d ago

it was called the Nintendo Power Glove j/k That would be cool if Sony or MS could pull off a nice VR machine next gen though.

MikeIsOnFire844255d ago

Eat your Heart out Sony-------------------------- --->