PS3 Slim confirmed as 'a certainty'

Leaked packaging similar to the official PSP Go box...

So what do we make of the latest swirl of PlayStation rumours – namely, that Sony is said (buy various 'unnamed' or anonymous sources) to be preparing a slimmed down PlayStation 3 for release at some point later this year?

We asked a number of PlayStation magazine editors and games industry analysts for their own views on the matter.

"The PS3 Slim is a certainty," said PSM3 magazine editor, Dan Dawkins, in no uncertain terms.

Following the PS3 Slim rumours reaching fever pitch earlier this month, TechRadar cannot help but wonder if the PlayStation mag editor perhaps knows something that we don't?

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The Killer3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )


ps3 for 299$ is a good price to buy.


even if ps3slim is not coming, the price cut is coming in the following weeks or months, if not then sony better to be prepared to lose so much market share!!

ps3 at 299$ is a killer deal, i dont think even wii will survive it!!

ajeben8093451d ago

anybody can say the ps3 slim is coming, because its just a matter of time. It could be months or years until we see anything from Sony. This article didn't confirm anything...

chrisnick3451d ago

could you imagine if it was 249.99? jesus, i'd buy another just to say i did.

Marcelles253451d ago

we all know the ps3 slim is coming sony does that with its console

every console/handheld has had a slim version its just a matter of when will it come out

IdleLeeSiuLung3451d ago

I'm calling a $50 price cut and introduction of slim. It makes perfect sense based on the 10% loss on each unit sold. The slim will carry the momentum of $100 price drop instead....

A $100 price drop might just be too large...

ThanatosDMC3451d ago

Wasnt this china box ripoff all ready confirmed as fake? We had so many articles with the same picture.

Reported as Fake, Lame, and Old.

Downtown boogey3451d ago

-A price cut is bound to hit soon; I'd say later this year.

-PS3 Slim will be the new default PS3 SKU that replaces SixAxis/DS3 controllers conclusively with the Motion Controllers. It is going to be released Spring 2010 retaining the same price tag.

Jockamo3451d ago

All this ambiguity only hurts the impact of the actual official announcement. Not to mention sales based on future price-reduction speculation.

STK0263451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

will the PS3 get a price cut down the line? Absolutely.
will the slim replace the current SKU? Yes.
will it come with motion controllers when they are ready? Maybe.
will the motion controllers replace the DS3? Oh hell no.

sniper-squeak3451d ago

maybe Sony don't want another embarrasing leak like they had for the PSP GO...

In that case, we'l only know for real when they want us to know.

rockleex3451d ago

Of course... eventually.

The question is when?

JustV3451d ago

This box was already confirmed as fake! Why are you still bringing this up. A couple chinese guys from France made the box and already admit it. And this article did not confirm anything about the slim. It could be months and years. We already know of course that Sony will release a slim version. This is a BS article. Just because a game magazine editor says there will be a price cut and slim version, it doesn't mean its confirmed. He knows when we know stuff ok? Sony will announce when Sony will announce it.

na2ru13451d ago

I've been itching to get the best Bluray player that has wifi with an internet browser AND with some of the best 1st party support of exclusives all for my living room and all in 1 box. Why get a standard bluray player when you can get an all in 1 in a same size box.

FamilyGuy3451d ago

You mean like a day ago?

If it was anywhere near a complete they would've said something at E3, leaked rumor not. I still don't think a PS3 Slim is coming anytime soon, especially this year. Hopefully it's mentioned at TGS so we can finally have sony confirmation of the rumors.

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ColossiSlayer3451d ago

I paid 500 for mine, it came with an extra controller and 5 five free BRs. I do it all over again in a heartbeat if I didnt have a PS3. Hell, all the posts Ive ever written have been on the PS3 with DS3.
A PS3 at 400$ for 160 GB thats BANANAS for everything your getting right OUT THE BOX.
There's all types of deals and bundles out there. BJ's has an 80gb 2 controllers 2 games for 500$, Walmart, Amazon, all got crazy deals.
Get a Fat PS3 those PSthrees don't look as luxurious as PS3 w/Chrome IMO.

Downtown boogey3451d ago

the 60gig model and the default accessories (only one controller) and Motorstorm. Subsequently I bought another controller for 50€...
In total, that results in about... 980$

JonnyBigBoss3451d ago

I totally agree with you, but not everyone looks at it that way. Not many people are very smart investors or smart consumers.

Sarick3450d ago

Yea newegg has them on sale today. for $359.

gumgum993451d ago

You can't confirm something as a certainty as that would make it an oxymoron.

That's like saying the possibilities of it raining today are confirmed. The possibilities maybe true, but in the end, it doesn't prove anything.

Wizeguy213451d ago

Its like the ff7 remake.. I can confirm it will come out.. But when? hmm that I don't know..
F this article!

CSM-101e3451d ago

Is english your first language? Of course you can confirm something as a certainty; you can ONLY confirm certainties. I confirm that I will certainly die. I can confirm(state unambiguously) as fact that I will certainty (as a statistical probability: no one has survived death yet) die.
And as for oxymoron, the title would have to be "PS3 Slim Confirmed as a Probable Event."

Wizeguy213451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

First off its not my first language jack ass!
And two, I understand your point. And that is what I'm trying to get at. This article makes those same claims, but it doesn't mean they know anything more than we do regarding this.

And as for gumgum claiming an oxymoron. I see where he is getting at. Just just because the sun rises day after day for hundreds of years doesn't guarantee it will happen tomorrow. But that is whole other realm of discussion.

Sitdown3451d ago

"no one has survived death yet) die."

Well depends on your definition of death, and what culture you are mingling with.

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mdkgod433451d ago

so where is not ps3 slim coming out??

HDgamer3451d ago

Ps3 slim will cost 599.99

dustgavin3451d ago

Your comment makes no sense. Why would it sell for close to $600?

peeps3451d ago

becuase that's what the original started at lol i mean just look at the pspGO. they are gonna be selling that at the same price as when the psp firt launched 4 years ago.

After that it makes me worried that they would actually have this at a high price as well. They should really have the slim as a stripped down lower cost version. I know when my ps3 eventually breaks (got a launch 1) i'd much rather buy a new slim model than the current ones avaialble, but would'nt pay full price just cus it's slim.

coming back to pspGO, i was actually tempted cus i used to own a psp but sold it a few years ago cus i never used it. with all the games out i was thinking this would be a good time to get back into psp... then they announce the price and instantly i was put off

HDgamer3451d ago

I forgot the sarcasm tag

sinncross3451d ago

You're comparing a slimmer version of the PS3 to a complete remodel of the PSP.

As evident by every slim version of the PS, the price goes down... just like it did with the PSP slim.

peeps3451d ago

well i v much doubt it will be 600 lol but it wouldn't surprise me if the price stayed the same as it already is. fingers crossed for a price drop though.

TheBand1t3451d ago

More likely announce the Slim at 399.99 and have a firesale of the current stock of 80 gigs.

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