Report: Why People Play Video Games

The BBFC examines a wide spectrum of gamers to see why we play.

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has published a report on why people are attracted to video games. Obviously there is a large segment of the world's population that has no interest in gaming, but what about video games draws people in? Researcher Cragg Ross Dawson conducted a number of interviews and discussions with gamers as young as seven through to players in their early 40s; parents of young gamers, game industry representatives and game reviewers were also interviewed.

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InMyOpinion4255d ago

Why do people watch movies, read books, jerk off etc. Cause it's entertaining and satisfying that's why. No need for further research...

MikeIsOnFire844255d ago

Cause there is nothing better to do.Go F*ck yourself exercise,I'm playing me some video games!